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Seligman, AZ

Seligman was founded in 1886. The town sits on the original alignment of Route 66 between Ash Fork and Peach Springs. From I-40 take exit 123 on the east or 121 on the west end of town.
xFormer Gulf Oil Station
This old Gulf Oil station is across the road from the former Bill-Mar-Den, now Stagecoach 66 Motel. The station appears to have been built ... read more
xStagecoach Motel & Restaurant
21455 Route 66 (I-40 Business)
The Googie style sign announcing the Stagecoach Motel and Restaurant is a real eye pleaser, at least for ... read more
xAztec Motel
22200 Route 66
This little motel is just across the street from the Sno Cap Drive-In. There are several murals on the outside walls ... read more
xSnow Cap Drive In
22225 W. Old Highway 66
Dating back to 1953 the Snow Cap Drive-In Cafe is wonder to behold ... read more

xRoute 66 Feed & Stuff
22250 W Old Highway 66
This building started out as the 1933 Donovan's Garage. It was a Ford Dealership and Texaco station for many years ... read more
xJ & R's Mini Mart & Deli
22255 Historic Route 66
The former 1949 Richfield Gas Station & Garage has see a lot of changes over the years ... read more
Angel's Barber Shop & Gift Shop
22265 W. Old Highway 66
Angel Delgadillo is considered by many to be the father of Historic Route 66 and the gift shop is ... read more
xDeluxe Inn Motel
22295 Old Highway 66
The Court Deluxe, now the Deluxe Inn Motel was built in 1932 and is the oldest operating motel in Seligman ... read more

Side Trip:
To the1926 - 1933 Route 66. Turn south at Main St. for one block, then turn west.

xSeligman Garage & Bus Stop
Railroad Ave at Floyd
This 1905 building is the former Seligman Garage and Bus Stop ... read more
xOriginal Delgadillo Pool Hall
114 e. Railroad Ave.
This is the original 1923 Delgadillo's Seligman Pool Hall and Barber Shop ... read more

Turn around here and head back east

xDelagadillo Home
214 E Railroad Ave,
This house was built by the Delgadillo family in 1920. Angel, Jr was raised here ... read more
xStandard Oil & Gas Bulk Plant
Railroad Ave. at Lamport St.
This was the 1920's Standard Oil & Gas Bulk Plant on the 1926 Route 66 ... read more
x1926 - 33 Alignment
Railroad Avenue
You'll find this stretch between Lamport Street and the current Route 66 east of town, it still makes a nice photo op ... read more

Back to 1933 - 1984 alignment:
Turn around here and backtrack to Floyd and Historic Route 66.

xReturn to the 50s Gift Shop
22325 W. Old Highway 66
The Return to the 50's Gift Shop in the 1961 Olson's Shell station at the corner of Floyd and Route 66 is one of the ... read more
xRoadRunner Cafe & Gifts
22330 W. Old Highway 66
Located in the Connor's Garage they feature artwork by local artists & Navajo Indian crafts ... read more
xRusty Bolt Gift Shop
22345 W. Old Highway 66
The Rusty Bolt is one of the larger gift shops in Seligman. The old Edsel out front greets visitors, with a couple sitting on ... read more
x Canyon Lodge
22340 W. Old Hwy. 66
This 1963 motel and has been called Canyon Shadows Motel, and the Comfort Lodge before becoming the ... read more
xPitts & Washington Building
22350 W. Old Hwy. 66
J.A. Pitts built this building in 1903. It operated as the Pitts and Washington general store until 1926 ... read more
xCopper Cart Building
22385 W. Historic Route 66
The former Copper Cart Restaurant had been around since the early 1950's but the building is now a gift shop ... read more
xSeligman Sundries
22395 W. Historic Route 66
Seligman Sundries occupies the 1904 Pioneer Hall & Theater ... read more
xBlack Cat Saloon 
22400 W. Historic Route 66
The Black Cat has been around since the early 1900's, starting as Jolly's Cafe on Railroad Avenue ... read more
xSeligman Garage Building
22425 W. Historic Route 66
In the "good old days" this was a Studebaker car dealership ... read more
xRomney Motel
22430 W. Historic Route 66
The former Nomad Motel is one of several mid century motels in Seligman. The Romney has been ... read more
xSupai Motel
22450 W. Historic Route 66
Like many motels of the period the Supai Motel has a neat sign to help get your ... read more

Side Trip:
The oldest hotel in Seligman is one block north of Route 66 on 1st Street, turn north on the west side of the Supai Motel.

Cottage Hotel
22460 Schoney Ave.
One of the oldest buildings in town is the former Cottage Hotel. It is one block off Route 66 and owned by the Historical Society... read more

Back on 66:
Turn around here and backtrack on 1st Sreet to 66.

xOld Gas Station & Court
22685 W Historic Route 66
This small gas station and cabins on the west end of town had four gas pumps. The cabins were separated by ... read more
xStockmen's Bank Building
22725 Historic Route 66
"The Stockmen's Bank" lettering was just barely visible on the building when we saw it in 2013 ... read more
xHistoric Route 66 Motel
22750 W. Historic Route 66
The former Navajo Motel, is located on the west end of town ... read more
xRoadkill Cafe
22830 W. Historic Route 66
When we were there the menu included things like Fender Tenders, Deer Delectables and ... read more
xWestside Lilo's Cafe
22855 W. Historic Route 66
If you like carrot cake, especially in huge portions, this is the place to get it! Other menu item portions were just as ... read more
xWelcome to Seligman Sign
I-40, exit 123, (business 40)
The Chamber of Commerce has put up these neat signs at both I-40 exits ... read more
xPica Motel
West of Pica Rd & MP122
The 1946 Pica Motel, Cafe and Gas Station is now private property but was once a bustling truck stop ... read more

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.