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Historic Route 66 in Oklahoma

With about 430 miles the Sooner State has the longest stretch of Route 66. Of course there are more than a few "bypass" alignments to explore and that can add a lot of miles.
xMiami: Sidewalk Highway
Between Miami & Afton
The Sidewalk Highway / Ribbon Road was constructed in 1922 and served as Route 66 from 1926 to 1937. The Marker is at S 140 Rd and Hwy 69.
xAfton: Afton Station Route 66 Info Center
12 Southwest 1st St.
If you like old roads like Route 66 and old cars like Packards and the people who like them this is the place for you!


xAfton: Avon Motel Ruins
Route 66 Afton
Call me crazy, but this is one of my favorite motel ruins on this grand old road. It's on the west side of Afton.
Chelsea: Pedestrian Tunnel
Route 66 Chelsea
How do you cross Route 66 at rush hour? Use the tunnel of course! Check out the cool murals while your at it.
xCatoosa: Blue Whale
2705 N Highway 66 Catoosa
The Blue Whale in Catoosa stands as an icon on Route 66, grab a camera and snap a few photos of this wonderfully light hearted attraction.
xTulsa: 1924 Blue Dome Gas Station
2nd St and Elgin Ave
Truely distinctive gas stations are few and far between, even on Route 66, but this is one you really need to see!
xTulsa: Meadow Gold Sign
11th St. at Quaker Ave.
If you're looking for a super sized neon sign in Tulsa, this is it! It sits on the 1933 alignment of Route 66.
xSapulpa: Rock Creek Bridge
(east of 117 on W Ozark Trail.)
When Bridge #18 was built in 1924 it served the Ozark Trail for two years before Route 66 was designated.
xStroud: Shoe Tree
3750 E Highway 66
Ever wonder where old shoes go when they retire? This is the place! There's a handy Shoe Tree Trading Post right here too! It's just east of Stroud and about 6 miles west of Depew.
xStroud: Rock Cafe
114 W. Main St.
The Rock Cafe has been serving locals and travelers since the late 1930s. It's a favorite among the Route 66 crowd.
xArcadia: Round Barn
107 E. Highway 66
The Round Barn has stood here for well over 100 years, along the way it became a landmark on Route 66 and is still attracting visitors today.
xArcadia: Pop's Station & Cafe
660 W. Route 66
On top of Pop's huge variety of soda flavors as well as tasty burgers the light show after dark on the 66 foot tall pop bottle out front is worth the trip by itself.
xOklahoma City: Owl's Court
742 W. Britton Road
This motor court, gas station and cafe complex on the 1931- 47 Route 66 Beltline in Britton has been under renovation for a few years, it's closed, but well worth a photo stop.
xOklahoma City: Giant Milk Bottle
2426 N Classen Blvd.
This tiny little building with the giant milk bottle on the roof is a fun photo op on the 1926 - 1930 alignment of Route 66 in Oklahoma City.
xOklahoma City: Gold Dome
1112 NW 23rd St
This 1958 building on Route 66 was one of the first to use Buckmister Fullers geodesic dome style of construction.
xEl Reno: Squaw Drive In Theater
2418 Sunset Drive
A large mural decorates the back of the screen at the closed Squaw Drive-In theater. It's behind a self storage place and about a block off the Mother Road..
xEl Reno: Fort Reno
7107 W. Cheyenne St.
The history packed into this historic old army fort is fascinating, and very well worth the time to visit. During WWII German and Italian POWs were housed here.
xGeary: Pony Bridge
South Canadian River
This 3,944 foot long Warren Truss bridge over the South Canadian River on Route 66 west of Geary is a real wonder.
xHydro: Lucille's
Route 66 at S. Coleman Ave.
The historic Lucille' Hamon's Court and gas station provides one of the most popular photo opprtunities on Route 66 near Hydro, OK (I-40 exit 88).
xClinton: Mohawk Lodge
22702 Route 66 N
The first trading post in Oklahoma is located about a mile east of downtown Clinton. It's crammed full of interesting stuff.
xClinton: Oklahoma Route 66 Museum
2229 W. Gary Blvd.
Lots of cool exhibits in this Route 66 museum, plan on spending some time here. There's also a gift shop loaded with assorted goodies.
xElk City: National Route 66 Museum
2717 W. Hwy 66
This museum is packed full of Route 66 and local history. In a modern world it's hard to imagine what cross country car travel was like on early roads.
xErick: Sandhills Curiosity Shop
201 S Sheb Wooley Ave.
The Sand Hills Curiousty Shop has been a standout attraction on Route 66 in Erick for years. The exterior of the building is covered with old signs and more.
xTexola: Magnolia Service Station
Route 66 at Grand Ave.
What's left of this old gas station is on the south side of the road in the middle of Texola. This little building is on the National Register of Historic Places.
xTexola: Will Rogers Highway Marker
Route 66
Just west of town you'll find this marker on the north side of the road. Pretty easy to spot standing alone on the edge of a field.

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.


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