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Clinton, OK

Route 66 moved around a lot in Clinton. Following this page will take you past the points of interest using parts of the various alignments and one short non-66 stretch. We start by coming from the east.
xCherokee Trading Post
23107 N. Frontage Rd, (I-40, exit 71)
Another large modern trading post with a restaurant, on the east side of Clinton on old Route 66. It's been here ... read more
xMohawk Lodge
22702 Route 66 N
The first trading post in Oklahoma is located about a mile east of downtown Clinton. It's crammed full of interesting ... read more
xRio Siesta Motel
E. Gary Blvd.
This small cluster of buildings was once a busy little motel with a huge neon sign. It's too bad the sign ... read more
xGlancy Motor Hotel
217 West Gary Boulevard
Find a great looking sign, add in some wonderful architectural details on the buildings and you've got a great ... read more
x"Pop" Hicks Restaurant Sign
223 Gary
All that's left of this once thriving restaurant is a concrete slab with some of the old tile still in place and a parking sign ... read more
xEason Oil Company Gas Station
325 W. Gary Blvd.
This vintage gas station was looking a little blue, but it was happy to pose for a photo ... read more
xStone Fire Station
523 W. Gary Blvd.
This grand old stone firehouse on Route 66 in Clinton has served the city well since ... read more

Turn south and go one block and turn west on Frisco

xRedland Theater
608 Frisco Ave.
The facade of this former movie theater on Route 66 has had some renovation and the neat old marquee is still ... read more

Take Frisco to 10th and turn north one block back to Gary and turn west.

xDairy Best Drive In
301 S. 19th St.
This 60s style drive-in has been here since, well the 60s. It's at 19th & Gary, very close to the Route 66 ... read more
2128 W Gary Blvd.
Just across the street from the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum. Elvis Presley reportedly stayed ... read more
xOklahoma Route 66 Museum
2229 W. Gary Blvd.
Lots of cool exhibits in this Route 66 museum, plan on spending some time here. There's also a gift shop loaded with ... read more
xWill Rogers Highway Marker
2229 W. Gary Blvd.
This marker is located at the OK Route 66 Museum on the 1959 alignment of Route 66 through ... read more

Go south one block to Jaycee Lane (non-66) and turn east to 10th (old 66), then north to Opal..

xMcLain Rogers Park
10 St. at Opal Ave.
This 1934 park features a wonderful art deco style entrance gate and an equally interesting 400 seat amphitheater and ... read more

Turn east on Opal to 8th.

xRay's Motel
720-8th St.
The art deco style of the former Ray's Motel makes it easy to spot along Opal Ave ... read more

Turn around and back track to 10th then follow 10th under the freeway onto Neptune Dr. to the Y Gas Station and curve west onto Commerce.

xY Station and Cafe Building
1733 Nepture Dr.
The 1937 Y Station and Cafe building sits on the 1926 alignment of Route 66 on the south side of Clinton ... read more

Continue west on Commerce (1926 alignment of 66).

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xStay tuned, there's more to come!  

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.