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Historic Route 66 in Missouri

From St. Louis to Joplin, MO is about 320 miles, plus any additional alignment miles.
xSt. Louis: Gateway Arch
100 Washington Ave.
The 600 foot tall 1965 Gateway Arch (Jefferson National Expansion Memorial) welcomes you to the Show Me state, it's actually pretty hard to miss this attraction.
xSt. Louis: Ted Drewes Frozen Custard
6726 Chippewa St.
Ted Drews Frozen Custard is legendary in St. Louis and among Route 66 travelers. It is located on Chippewa St and Prather Ave.


xVilla Ridge: Sunset Motel
427 Highway AT (old Route 66)
The 12-unit Sunset Motel was built in 1945 and each unit had two doors, one to the lawn and the other to the parking.
xCuba: Wagon Wheel Motel
901 E Washington Blvd
The Wagon Wheel Motel opened in 1934 and it's still going strong.
xCuba: Phillips 66 Station
E. Washington St. at S. Franklin Blvd.
Paul T. Carr built this cottage style filling station in 1932 as a Phillips 66 station.and was later expanded to include a Ponitac dealership.

xDevil's Elbow
Checkout the Elbow Inn, the 1923 Big Piney River Bridge, Miller's Market, McCoy's Store and Hotel, and the Devil's Elbow overlook. Sadly a May 2017 flood devastated the town.

xSpringfield: BW Rail Haven Motel
203 S Glenstone Avenue
The former Rail Haven Motor Court opened 1938 with eight stone cottages and a split rail fence around the property. It became a Best Western in the late 1940s.
xSpringfield: Steak 'n Shake
1158 East St Louis Street
This Steak n Shake opened in 1962 and still has that old-school, diner atmosphere. Steak 'nShake was founded in 1934 in Normal, IL.
xHalltown: Whitehall Merchantile (CLOSED)
Main Street (Hwy 266)
(Closed) This building was built in 1900 as a grocery and post office downstairs and fraternal and community functions upstairs. The antique shop here closed in 2016.
xParis Springs: Gay Parita Sinclair Station
MO Hwy 266 / Route 66
Both the late Gary Turner and his Gay Parita Sinclair Station are legendary. The station is located on MO 266 about 26 miles west of Springfield.
xSpenser: Spencer Garage
County Rd 2062 / Old Route 66
In 1925 Sidney Casey purchased the town of Spencer for $400 and built a garage, service station, barber shop and cafe.
xCarthage: Boots Court
107 S. Garrison
In 1939 Arthur Boots built Boots Court with four units of two rooms each and a Mobil gas station. It is located where Highway 71 intersects with Route 66.
xCarthage: 66 Drive-In
17231 Old 66 Blvd
The 66 Dive-in Theater opened in 1949, closed 1985 and reopened in 1998. It is located west of town on the 1930's Route 66.
xJoplin: Dale's Barber Shop
2312 Utica (at intersection with Euclid)
In the 1920s this was the Shamrock Inn Tourist Camp & Cafe. After Route 66 arrived cabins were added and in 1928 the Shamrock gas station was added.

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.


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