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Lebanon, MO

The original alignment of Route 66 is easy to follow through Lebanon on the same path it took from 1926 to 1956.
xLebanon I-44 Speedway
Route 66, 4 miles east of Lebanon.
The Lebanon I-44 Speedway opened in 1983 and today is a 3/8 mile asphalt track with seasonal racing ... read more
xPhillips 66 Space Station Cafe Sign Relic
Route 66
The mid-fifties station and cafe were about 4 miles east of Lebanon on Route 66. All that is left today is the sign and rocket ... read more
4 Acre Court
23411 Route 66, Lebanon, MO
4 Acre Court was opened in 1939 with a two-story giraffe rock building and cabins. The two-story building was once the ... read more
xVesta Court
Route 66
Vesta Court opened in 1937 and was sold in 1957 and renamed El Ranch Court. Only the foundations of the cafe and ... read more
xMunger Moss Motel
1336 Hwy. 66
In 1946 Pete & Jessie Hudson bought the Chicken Shanty Cafe and built a motel that would become legendary ... read more
xStarlite Lanes
1331 E. Route 66
The Starlite Lanes is located on the 1926-1956 alignment. It is a very busy place and even has school buses stop to ... read more
xForest Manor Motel (Closed)
1307 E. Route 66
A 1974 postcard promoted the former Forest Manor Motel with a swimming pool. The pool is ... read more
xWrink's Market
135 Wrinkle Ave.
Wrink's market operated until 2009 before closing and reopening in 2017 ... read more
Speaker's Mobil Gas Station
801 E Millcreek Rd.
This 1952 station replaced a 1926 station here. It may be the only Lebanon property in the same family on Rt 66 for over 80 ... read more
Lenz HoMotel
505 E. Elm St.
The Lenz's turned their 14 room mansion into a tourist home in 1932. Later they changed the name to the Lenz HoMotel ... read more
Carter & Lawson Phillips 66
311 E. Elm St.
In 1935 this Phillips 66 service station opened and was owned and operated by O.E. Carter & Ed Lawson until ... read more
x1946 Carter & Lawson Station
398 W Elm St.
This was a Mobil station when it opened in 1946.


Side Trip:
Turn SE on Jefferson and go one block to Vance Rd and turn west iat the next drive past Vance into the Library parking lot. Look for the Library sign.

xRoute 66 Museum
915 S. Jefferson
The Route 66 Museum is located in the Lebanon-Laclede County Library and one of the big exhibits is a 1950 gas station complete with vintage gas pumps.

Back on 66:
Exit the parking lot onto Vance and turn right to Jefferson then left to Elm (Rt 66) then left (west) or right (east).

xRoute 66 Motel
1710 W. Elm St.
The former White Sands Motel appears to be a 50's or 60's motel ... read more

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.