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Phillip's Space Station Sign

E. Route 66, Lebanon, MO

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All that's left of the Phillip's 66 Space Station is the rocket that attracted and enticed travelers to pull in and fill up with gas. As for the Cafe, well the sign is neat, but doesn't do much to ease one's hunger. Both are located next to the I-44 Speedway, about 4 miles east of Lebanon.

The Phillips 66 Space Station was owned by LeRoy Hawkins and he had a 20-foot rocket alongside the road to get the attention of Route 66 travelers. That's about as close as most kids would get to anything resembling a real rocket in the late 50's so I'm guessing there was a lot of "Dad, stop!" going on in the cars cruising by on Route 66 at the time.

The Satellite Cafe was located next door and was owned by Norma & Loren Alloway and specialized in fried chicken and home made pies, as featured on the cool sign that stood out front.

Both places opened in the mid-1950s and closed after the interstate opened. The cafe burned down in 1999. All that is left today is the sign and rocket.

Photo(s): 2012



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