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Historic Route 66 in California

It's about 300 miles from Needles to the Santa Monica Pier along Route 66, and in Los Angeles alone there are several alignments. We'll focus on what may be the easiest path to avoid getting lost.
Depending on which way you're headed Needles is the first or last town on Route 66 in California . There are several vintage landmarks here to see ... read more
xGoffs & Fenner
The old Goffs School houses a museum with limited hours. The wood frame stuccoed schoolhouse was built in 1914 with ... read more

Route 66 is closed from Goff's Rd. at I-40 to Cadiz Rd at Chambless. Take I-40 from Goffs Rd to Kelbaker Rd. Take Kelbaker Rd south from I-40 to Route 66 just west of Chambless.

xEssex, Danby & Cadiz Summit
The road closure means that Essex. Danby and Cadiz Summit are not accessible via Route 66 ... read more

Back on 66:
From Kelbaker Rd go east to Chambless or west to Amboy.

Once a vibrant little community along the Mother Road is today pretty much a virtual ghost town, but there are still landmarks to see ... read more
xAmboy & Bagdad
This is one of the most famous stops along the original Route 66. There's more here than just Roy's, look around ... read more
There are several old buildings here with interesting histories. Grab a seat in the Ludlow Cafe for a meal or a snack and enjoy the cool window ... read more
xNewberry Springs
The Bagdad Cafe was featured in the 1987 movie by the same name. There are a few other points of interest here ... read more
The former Ma Millet's Cafe is s just one of several old buildings worth seeing here ... read more
There is so much Mother Road history in Barstow it's hard to see it all in one day. The Route 66 Museum is a cool stop ... read more
xLenwood & Hodge
There are a few interesting landmarks in Lenwood and Hodge, but you have to look for them ... read more

There are several old landmarks along this section of the Mother Road including Sagebrush Annie's, the former White Orange Cafe and ... read more
xOro Grande
You really haven't been to Oro Grande if you haven't stopped at the late Elmer Long's Bottle Tree Ranch ... read more
Victorville is home to some cool Route 66 landmarks including Emma Jean's and a really full and friendly Route 66 museum ... read more
xCajon Pass
Cajon Pass stretches from the summit and down past the Blue Cut Rest Area to Devore includeing Cajon Junction and ... read more
xSan Bernardino & Rialto
The Wigwam Motel may be the most famous Route 66 landmark in San Bernardino, but it's not the only one ... read more
The Bono's big Orange Juice stand is still there along Route 66 in Fontana, but the juice is all gone! ... read more
xRancho Cucamonga
This charming old Richfield Gas Station is just one of the interesting landmarks in Rancho Cucamonga. Bear Gulch is another ... read more
xUpland & Claremont
The Madonna of the Trail and Tugboat Annie's are two of the landmarks in Upland and Claremont ... read more
xLa Verne, San Dimas & Glendora
Three more smaller towns lay along the Mother Road sporting a couple of really cool vintage signs between Claremont and Azuza ... read more
The current alignment of the Mother Road is signed as Historic Route 66. A relatively short section of the original was realigned in 1932 ... read more
Monrovia is home to the former Flying A Gas Station and the Aztec Hotel. Arcadia is home to the legendary Derby Restaurant ... read more
Arcadia is home to at least a a couple of alignments of Route 66 beginning with the National Trails Highway on Foothill and later Route 66 on Huntington. Toss in a stretch of Colorado St. and Santa Anita Ave. just for fun.
The historic Colorado Blvd. bridge is just one of several landmarks in Pasadena. There are three alignments of along Route 66 leaving Pasadena ... read more
xLos Angeles & W. Hollywood 
Heading west from Pasadena you pass through these two historic towns. There are several alignments through LA. We're starting with just one ... read more
xSanta Monica
The Santa Monica Pier is commonly thought of as the end of Route 66 today, but it's really just a symbolic status ... read more

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.