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Historic Route 66 in California

It's about 300 miles from Needles to the Santa Monica Pier along Route 66, and in Los Angeles alone there are several alignments. We'll focus on what may be the easiest path to avoid getting lost.
xNeedles: Wagon Wheel Restaurant
2420 Needles Highway
The sign outside says "since 1978" and the place certainly fits the spirit of the old road, even if 1978 was near the end the of Mother Road's historic heyday.
xNeedles: Fender's River Road Resort
3395 Needles Hwy.
This neat little vintage motel and RV park are the real deal when it comes to what early travelers on the Mother Road might have encountered.


xGoffs: Goffs School House
37198 Lanfair Rd.
Now houses a museum with limited hours. The wood frame stuccoed Goff's Schoolhouse was built in 1914 with one big classroom, a large library and two covered porches.
xCadiz Summit: Cadiz Summit Ruins
Route 66
Public participation art or graffiti? Stop, spend a few minutes, check out the ruins, take a few photos, then you decide.
xAmboy: Roy's Cafe & Motel
Route 66
This is one of the more famous stops along the original Route 66. The station dates back to the 1920's but famous sign first appeared in 1959.
xLudlow: Ludlow Cafe
6835 Ludlow Road
The Ludlow Cafe has a modified A-Frame design. It formerly was called the Friend's Coffee Shop. Grab a seat in the cafe for a meal or a snack and enjoy this cool window.
xNewberry Springs: Bagdad Cafe
46548 National Trails Highway,
Built in 1975 this cafe was featured in the 1987 movie by the same name. The cafe was also formerly named the Sidewinder Cafe.
xDagget: Ski Lodge Style Building
National Trails Rd. at Daggett/Yermo Rd.
Marie Millet turned her house into a cafe to feed travelers and the inspectors that worked at the agriculture inspection station.
xBartsow: Casa del Desierto Harvey House
685 N. First Avenue.
The Route 66 Mother Road Museum is in the wonderfully restored Harvey House along with the Western American RR Museum and the Amtrak station.
xBartsow: Route 66 Motel
195 West Main Street
Several antique cars can be found in the parking lot and carports of the 1922 Route 66 Motel in Barstow.
xOro Grande: Bottle Tree Ranch
24266 National Trails Hwy
Elmer Long's Bottle Tree Ranch is almost beyond description. It's a visual delight that brings new life to the idea of creative recycling!
xVictorville: Route 66 Museum
16825 D St.
The museum is crammed full of Route 66 memorabilia and staffed by a very friendly group of people.
xHesperia: Summit Inn
5970 Mariposa Rd
Sadly this landmark was destroyed by the Blue Cut fire on August 16, 2016.
This Summit Inn was established in 1952 and Cecil "C.A." Stevens purchased both the Texaco station and restaurant from the original builder, Burt Riley in 1966.
xSan Bernardino: Wigwam Motel
2728 E Foothill Blvd.
This Wigwam Motel is the seventh and last Wigwam Village to be built. It was built in 1949 and renovated in 2004.
xRancho Cucamunga: Ricfield Station
9670 Foothill Blvd.
This charming old Richfield Gas Station was undergoing restoration when this photo was taken in 2013.
xPasadena: Saga Motel
1633 East Colorado Blvd.
The Saga Motel dates back to the 1950s and there's a large pool in the courtyard for those who'd like to splash around a bit after a day of exploring Route 66.
xPasadena: Colorado Bridge
W. Colorado Blvd.
This historic bridge was placed on the NRHP in 1981.
xSanta Monica: Will Rogers Hwy Marker
Ocean Ave at Santa Monica Blvd.
This simple plaque marks the west end of the Will Rogers Highway. It is mounted on an angled stone base on the beach side of Ocean Ave at Santa Monica Blvd.
xSanta Monica: Santa Monica Pier
Colorado Ave at Ocean Ave.
In 1909 the 1,600 foot long Municipal Pier was built and in 1916 Looff's Pleasure Pier opened with a carousel in the Hippodrome.
xStay tuned, there's more to come!


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x About Us We started traveling Historic U.S. Route 66 as a destination in 2009. It's like a 2,400 mile long drive back in time from Chicago to Santa Monica! more
xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.


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