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Needles, CA

Depending on which way you're headed Needles is the first or last town in California on Route 66.
xOld Colorado River Bridge
South of the I-40 Bridge
The 1916 Old Trails Arch Bridge was used by Route 66 from 1926-1947 ... read more
xCarty's Camp
Route 66 & Desnak St.
This long closed camp played a role in the movie Grapes of Wrath ... read more

x66 Motel
91 Desnak St.
This motel sits at E. Broadway St. and Desnak St. The six room motel was built 1946-47 next to Carty's. Camp ... read more

xOld Trails Inn
304 W. Broadway
Originally called Palms Motel, then Old Trails Inn and now called Palms Apartments, at Broadway & Front.... read more

xHistorical Museum
929 Front St.
The Needles Regional Museum is operated by local volunteers and is open daily Tues-Sat ... read more

xEl Graces Hotel
950 Front St.
The El Graces Hotel and Depot opened in 1908. It was considered the "Crown Jewel" of the Fred ... read more

xGiant Pioneer Wagon
Broadway & A Streets
The huge Needles "Borax Wagon" was formerly the sign for the El Rancho Motel in Barstow ... read more

xColorado River Ford Building
539 W. Broadway
They have serviced Mohave County for 20 years, but here anymore. It is family owned and ... read more

xImperial 400 Motor Inn
644 W. Broadway
The Imperial 400 chain of hotels started in 1959 and had several of the "gull-winged" roofed structures ... read more

xRoute 66 Burger Hut
701 W. Broadway
The Burger Hut opened here 1957, after numerous name changes was back to being called the Burger Hut again ... read more

xClaypool & Company Building
725 W. Broadway
Claypool's Hardware opened in this building in 1930 and closed in 2002. Palo Verde College now uses the building ... read more

xHistoric Masonic Lodge & Theater
823 Broadway
In 1929 the Masonic Order built this building for around $120,000 ... read more
xSage Motel Sign
1624 W Broadway St.
The Sage Motel was an independently owned six-room motel established 1946-47 that closed in 2009 ... read more

xWagon Wheel Restaurant
2420 Needles Highway
The sign outside says "Since 1978" that certainly fits the spirit of the old road ... read more

xFender's River Rd. Resort
3395 Needles Hwy. 
The small vintage Fender's Resort Motel and RV Park are the real deal for Mother Road travelers ... read more

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.