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Needles Regional Museum

929 Front St., Needles, CA
Phone: 760-326-5678

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The Needles Regional Museum is located in the former J. C. Penny store building. It is operated by local volunteers and is open daily Tues-Sat. A thrift shop that supports the museum is located in the same building. The Museum is located at the intersection of Front and G Streets.

xThere are three murals on the side of the building. The J. C. Penny's name was still at the top of the side wall when we snapped this photo in 2015.

x I think this mural represents Father Francisco Garcés who the Harvey House qcross the street named for.

x Snoopy's older brother Spike and Woodstock are out for a little cruise around town in a cool old 55 Chevy. The creator of the Peanuts comic strip and its characters, Charles Schulz and his family lived briefly in Needle in the late 1920s where Schulz attended the D Street School a a young boy. Hence the character Spike who, according to the comic strip, lived in the surrounding desert or possibly the Topock Swamp. There is a Schulz Rd. and Spike's Rd. in Needles.

xSpike had taken up residence in the Subway sandwich shop at 2451 W Broadway Street just past the Wagon Wheel Restarant. The Subway is in a large Shell gas station.

Photo(s): 2009, 2015



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