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Goffs & Fenner, CA

Goffs is on the 1926 alignment of the Mother Road, but that claim to fame didn't last long because the town was bypassed in 1931.
xGoffs General Store
Route 66
The 1947 Goffs General Store was a general store, bar, restaurant, and a square dance floor built all on one level ... read more

xGoffs Information Sign
Goffs Rd & Lanfair Rd.
Where are we? What's the elevation? How many people live here? This sign has it all! ... read more
xGoffs School House
37198 Lanfair
Now houses a museum with limited hours. The wood frame stuccoed Goffs Schoolhouse was built in 1914 with one big ... read more
xGoffs Depot
Lanfair Rd.
The depot was built in 1902 and demolished in 1956. This replica of the Goffs Railway Depot was dedicated in 2008 ... read more

At the junction of Goffs Rd. and I-40.

Note: This is where you have to hop onto I-40 because Route 66 / National Trails Road is closed awaiting bridge repairs. Get off I-40 at Kelbaker Road and head south to 66 again, then west to Ludlow.

xHi Sahara Oasis
31251 Goffs Road.
On Route 66 just north of the I-40 Essex / Fenner exit. Gas and a convenience store ... read more

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