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Goff's School

37198 Lanfair Rd., Goffs, CA
Phone: 760-733-4482

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The Goff's Schoolhouse, now the Goff's Cultural Center was built of stucco and lumber in 1914 and consisted of an 800 square-foot classroom that doubled as an auditorium for community dances and church services. The building also had a large library and two large covered porches. It was in use as a school until 1937.

It is now houses the Mojave Desert Heritage Cultural Association museum collection of books, artifacts and more relating to the American Desert West.. The museum is open some weekends but it best to call ahead for the hours or to make an appointment.


The sign for the school proclaims it's age as well as the address.


Plaques like this one tell about the military's use of the school and the buildings other history. From 1942-1944 the U.S. Army maintained a desert traing center in Goffs and the schoolhouse was used as a mess hall to feed the troops. In became a private residence until 1954 and then stood empty until 1982 when it was purchased by Jim & Bertha Wold. They started renovations on the building as it was on the verge of collaspse but illness prevented them from completing the project. It was sold again in 1990 and resotration continued. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001.

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