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4 Acre Court

23411 Route 66, Lebanon, MO

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The former 4 Acre Court was opened in 1939 by Ray Coleman & Blackie Waters with a two-story giraffe rock building and cabins. Later it was known as Village Oaks. The two-story building was once the motel office, grocery store and a Phillips 66 Station. There used to be a drive through canopy covering the pump island on the front of the main building. It is located 4 miles east of Lebanon on Route 66 (Pecos Drive)

xThere are a few cabins still standing behind the main building. One cabin was destroyed by fire in 2003. The place was promoted as featuring "family units and a campground". At some point while they sold Phillips 66 gas a hand painted sign on the front of the building promoted DeLuxe Rooms, Showers, Toilets, Steam Heat, Apply at Office.

Photo(s): 2016



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