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Wrink's Market

135 Wrinkle Ave., Lebanon, MO

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Wrink's Market has been a staple on Route 66 for a very long time. It was originally planned to be a two story hotel but health issues kept G. E. Wrinkle from completing it by adding the second floor with guest rooms.

Instead his son Glenn opened a market in the first floor space in 1950 and ran it until 2005. Glenn's son Terry was the third generation of the family to operate the store. He reopened it in 2007 but like so many other small businesses had to close it in 2009 during the great recession in the USA.

In 2011 it opened again as D.C. Decker's Comboy Emporium which was in business when we were there in 2012, but has since closed.

Then in 2017 Glenn Wrinkle's granddaughter, Katie Hapner reopened the store. When we were there in 2017 there was a nice selection of both antique or collectible items as well as some Route 66 collectibles and also sandwiches and other food.

Photo(s): 2012



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