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Devil's Elbow, MO
The town is named for the tight turn in the Big Piney River that made it difficult for loggers to float logs downstream. Sitting on the 1926 Route 66 the community was bypassed in the 1940's by Hookers Cut.

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Devils Elbow Bar
21050 Teardrop Road
Nelle Munger and Emmett Moss opened the Munger-Moss Sandwich Shop on Route 66 in 1936. In 1943 the new four-lane Route 66 was completed and bypassed this location.
xDevil's Elbow Bridge
Teardrop Road
The 1923 Devil's Elbow Bridge over the Big Piney River carried Route 66 traffice until 1943. Turn west right just south of the Devil's Elbow Bar on Teardrop Rd.
Miller's Market
12175 Timber Lane
This 1954 building was originally Miller's Market which later became Allman's Market and Seldon's Market after that.
McCoy's Store and Camp
12177 Timber Lane
This 1941 building originally had a dance hall on the second floor, but that became apartments after a while. This was the post office untill the Miller Market was built next door in 1954.
xDevil's Elbow Overlook
Just west of Devil's Elbow on old Route 66
This Scenic Overlook is listed as one of the seven beauty spots in Missouri.


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