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Carthage, MO

Founded in 1842 Carthage sits on several alignments of the Mother Road. It was rebuilt after having been burned to the ground during the Civil War. Carthage has over 600 sites on the National Register of Historic Places.
Sunset Cafe & Drive-In Theater
12621 Old 66 Blvd.
The Sunset Cafe opened after WWII and by 1949 the Sunset Drive-in movie theater opened behind the cafe ... read more
Formerly Buster Brown Inn
12932 Old 66 Blvd.
The former Buster Brown Inn is located across the street from Red Rock Apartments, on the east side of Kellogg ... read more
xWhites Court
Old 66 Blvd. behind the Best Budget Inn.
The Red Rocks Apartments started out in 1927 as White's Court with a cafe and gas station. Shortly after ... read more
xKellogg Lake Park
Hwy. 96 at Old 66 Blvd.
The park next to the Best Budget Motel is surrounded on three sides by Route 66. A Blue Star Memorial ... read more
xBest Budget Inn
13008 Missouri Hey. 96
The Best Budget Inn is across the street from Kellogg Lake at the intersection of two alignments of Route 66 ... read more

Side Trip: This takes you to the village of Red Oak II, which we highly recommend!

xRed Oak II Sign
MO 96 at County Rd 130
From MO 96 turn north on Cty. 130 North to Kafir Road then turn east to Red Oak II, a re-creation of an 1800 village created by Lowell ... read more
x1876 La Grange School
Cty 130 at Knoll Rd.
This little stone school is the oldest school building in the district. It was restore between 2013 and 2016 ... read more
xRed Oak II
12266 Karif Rd. (Between Cty. 120 and 130)
From MO 96 take Cty. 120 or 130 North to Kafir Rd. Red Oak II is a re-creation of an 1800 village created by Lowell ... read more

Back on 66: Just back track west on Kafir then south on 130 and west on 96 to the intersection with County Rd V / Old 66 Blvd at the Best Budget Inn and turn north to continue.

xCrapduster Sculpture
13011 Hwy. 96
This 1997 Lowell Davis sculpture is a mixture of an antique manure spreader with biplane wings ... read more
xKel-Lake Motel
13071 MO Hwy. 96
The 1954 Kel-Lake Motel sits where the newer Route 66 (Hwy. 96) meet the older Route 66 ... read more
Old Gas Station
166 Northwood St.
I haven't been able to find any real information about this little cottage style station hiding in the weeds across the ... read more
Kendrick Place
131 Northward St.
This 1849 house was sold to the Kendricks in 1856 and stayed in their family until the 1980s ... read more
xOld Gas Station
N. Garrison Ave. at E. Northwoods St.
This old stone filling station is on the grounds of the Kendrick House an early alternate alignment of Route 66 ... read more
Clover Inn Cafe & Texaco
Garrison Ave.& Northwood St.
This is a former truck stop, Texaco service station and Clover Inn Cafe. It's hard to see because of all the ... read more
Cottage Style Building
912 Garrison, Carthage, MO
This looks like it started out as a cottage style building that might have been a gas station or cafe ... read more
Whisler's Hamburgers
300 N Garrison Ave., Carthage, MO
Charles Whisler opened this burger stand in 1953. People buy the burgers by the bag full ... read more
Dazy Court and Sleeping Rooms
115 Garrison Ave.
The former Dazy Court dates back to 1941 and is located 1/2 block north of Central Ave. on Garrison ... read more
xBoots Court
107 S. Garrison
The famous 1939 Boots Court is located at the "Crossroads of America", where Highway 71 intersects with Route 66 ... read more
Old Boots Drive-in and Gift Shop
120 S Garrison Ave.
The original Boots Drive-in became home to a credit union. It is across the street from Boots Court ... read more
xPancake Hut
301 S Garrison Ave.
Built in 1936 as the Alamo Cafe, this was a Peter Pan Ice Cream store in 1973. and the Pancake Hut since 1979 ... read more

Side Trip:
To Downtown, instead of turning west on Oak Street turn east on 4th St. and head downtown. That intersection is a bit different, going west it is Oak, going east it is 4th.

To skip the side trip scroll down to Dunlap Oil Co.

 Dance Pavilion Mural
130 W 4th St.
This mural was painted by John Biggs in 2006. It shows the old dance pavilion from 1938 that occupied the site ... read more
Jasper County Courthouse
4th St.& Main
This 1895 Romanesque Revival building is the second most photographed building In Missouri after the ... read more

Note: Turn north on Grant St and go 2 blocks to the Civil War Museum.

Carthage Civil War Museum
205 Grant St.
The Carthage Civil War Museum is housed in what was once City Hall. Built in 1883-84 for city offices, volunteer fire ... read more
1895 U.S. Post Office
200 S. Grant St.
C. O. Harrington constructed this modest post office when the U.S. Post Office agreed to stay in this location for at least ... read more

Note: Turn east on 2nd, go 1 block and turn south on Howard.

Drake Hotel
406 Howard St., Carthage, MO
The 1922 Drake Hotel is now called Drake Hotel Apartments and is now ... read more

Note: Take Howard south to Chestnut and turn west to Central Park at Garrison.

Carthage's Central Park
714 Garrison, Carthage, MO
In the park is a statue honoring Marlin Perkins who was a Carthage-born zoologist and ... read more
Carthage Public Library
612 S. Garrison
This Carnegie Library opened in Feb. 1905. Check out the E.L. Dale Memorial Library Gardens ... read more
Carthage Memorial Hall
407 S. Garrison Ave.
Built in 1924 as a tribute to WWI soldiers, today it is used for club activities, auctions and concerts ... read more

Back on 66:
Turn West on Oak St.

x Dunlap Oil Co. Station
431 Oak St, Carthage, MO
In 1937 a gas station opened including Dunlap Oil run by Elby D. Dunlap ... read more
Joy's Garage & Filling Station
500 Oak St., Carthage, MO
Look for the vintage DeSoto-Plymouth sign on the front of this 1935 garage. In 1937 it was Joy's Garage & Filling ... read more
xWhee Bridge
Oak St. (Route 66) just west of Orner St.
The Whee Bridge crosses the railroad tracks and gets it names from the feeling you have when you drive over it ... read more
Former Murrell Tourist Rooms & Cabins
830 Oak St., Carthage, MO
By 1947 M.S Murrell and L.E. Newman had opened the Murrell Tourist Rooms and ... read more
Neatherry's Service Station Building
918 Oak St.
This building was built in 1935 and was known as Neatherry's Service Station until 1947. At one time it was the ... read more
Moxley's Grocery & Filling Station
1002 Oak St.
In 1947 this was Moxley's Grocery & Filling Station. In 1937 it was George Earle Grocery. In 2016 it was the ... read more
Powers Museum
1617 Oak St., Carthage, MO
The local history museum opened in 1988. It is located on Route 66, across from Carthage Municipal Park ... read more
Municipal Park and Golf Course
2000 Oak St.
Most of this park was built as a CPA project during the Depression. It includes a roller rink, swimming pool, and ... read more
x66 Drive-in
17231 Old 66 Blvd.
The 66 Dive-in Theater opened in 1949, closed 1985 and reopened in 1998. It is located west of town on Route 66 ... read more
1922 Bridge
Route 66 west of Hwy. 171/Business 49
This little bridge was quite narrow and replaced in 2016 ... read more


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