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Kendrick Place

131 Northwoods St., Carthage, MO

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Sennett Rankin started building this two story brick house in 1849. The Crankiness abandoned the project after a couple years and eventually sold it the their son-in-law Thomas Dawson. It was still unfinished when Dawson sold the house and 640 acres of land to William & Elizabeth Kendrick in 1856 for $7,000.00. It remained in the Kendrick family until it was purchased by Victorian Carthage in the 1980s. It is one of the few homes left standing in Jasper County from the the Civil War era.

x The Kendrick Place was used by both the Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War, not at the same time of course, as both a headquarters and a hospital. It had served as a sort of "sick house" (hospital before the Civil War and continued to be used as such for some time after the war and even served as the Jasper County Courthouse for part of the time before the new courthouse was built on the town square. Through all those years, the house went without indoor running water until 1954. All the while Kendrick family members apparently lived in the house.

x A small sign on the lawn identifies the property and announces that tours are available.

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