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Old Stone Gas Station

N. Garrison Ave. at E. Northwoods St. (Hwy. V), Carthage, MO

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This nice looking old stone filling station stands on the edge of the Kendrick Place property, it was operated by a member of the Kendrick family. The property is in the community of Kendricktown.

It is on N. Garrison St., is just north of the intersection of Highway V (Northwoods St.) Hwy. V is an early alternate alignment of Route 66 at this point.

GPS: 37.195173, -94.309564

The sign above the door on the side of the little station reads "Ladies". There are two windows on the back of the building. Note how the ground level at the back of the building rises up the wall.

The pump drive was covered by a canopy. This other side of the building has only a single window. I haven't found a date fir the construction of this little station, but I'm guessing it was in the late 19-teens or early 1920s.

Photo(s): 2012, 2016



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