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Boots Motel

107 S. Garrison, Carthage, MO
Phone: 417-310-2989

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In 1939 Arthur Boots built Boots Court with four units of two rooms each. He also built a Mobil gas station out front for additional income. The motel was a success and the gas station was eventually done away with. Because of maintenance issues with the flat roof it was replaced with a a gable roof in the 1970s. The original style flat roof was restored in the spring of 2013.

The small six room building sits at the back of the property but lacks the carports.


This photo shows the motel with the gable roof in 2012. The carports are actually a drive through style, each carport served two rooms.

The motel features these rather unusual drive thru carports. Each carport serves two units.

The motel changed hands a couple times in the 1940s and more units were added at the back of the property as shown in this photo. About that time the name was changed to the Boots Motel and the front two units were made into a manager's apartment. In 2011 the new owners began restoring the motel.


Also retored in 2013 was the neon sign which once again reads Boots Court.


In 1946, a few years after his 1941 divorce Arthur Boots built the Boots Drive-In across the street from the motel. It is now being used as a Credit Union.

Photo(s): 2012 - 2013

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