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Earle / Moxley's Grocery & Filling Station

1002 Oak St., Carthage, MO

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In 1947 Moxley's Grocery & Filling Station occupied the former George Earle Grocery at 1002 Oak St. The George Earle Grocery had been established sometime before 1937 and had moved to a new location across the street by the time Moxley took over this building..

x From 1957 - 1967 the building housed a variety of businesses including the Carthage Doll Hospital, Ceramics Gift Shoppe and Oak Street (grocery) Market, all at the same time. In 2016 it was the Sunlight Thrift.

x This building at 1001 Oak St. is where the Earle Grocery moved to. It is directly across the street from their old location at 1002 Oak, St. The building has been modified quite a bit with windows filled and/or replaced. The entry still shows what would have been a single door with windows on either side and a transom window above.

Photo(s): 2016



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