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Neatherry's Service Station

918 Oak St., Carthage, MO

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This cottage style, wood frame station was built in 1935 and was known as Neatherry's Service Station until 1947. It changed hands several times after that and at various times operated as the Christman's Service Station (1950), and Pop's Service Station (1957) D. B. Discount Station and as a Flying W Station. In 2016 this was the location of the Dogpatch Grooming,

Several additions have been attached to the original building. The most significant would be was a service bay with the same high pitch gable roof that was added to the east side and extends back from the main building. The garage door for that bay has been filled in. Also filled in were a walk-in door and a small window on the west end of the original station. A brick veneer on the front and side walls of the original building and the service bay (east side) has been removed or covered over.

xThe shed roof section seen at the right in this photo and another section apparently came later.

Photo(s): 2016



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