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Kellogg Lake Park

Hwy. 96 at Old 66/Hwy. V, Carthage, MO

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Kellogg Lake Park is located on Route 66, right across the street from the Best Budget Inn, the Crapduster Sculpture, and the Kel Lake Motel. An older alignment of the Route runs along the Spring River on the south side of the park. The lake was man made by the Sportsmen's Protective League of Carthage. Three different alignments of Route 66 define the shape of the fifty-eight acre park.

x The 1926 alignment used to cross the river here but the bridge is long gone. This alignment named Easterly Drive crossed the river until 1934.

x While the bridge is gone, the remains can be seen where the road currently ends in the park. This 1922 bridge over the Spring River was known as the Ghost Bridge.

x The park also contains a monument for the Blue Star Memorial Highway dedicated to those who served in the US military. The monument was placed by the Federated Garden Clubs of MO together with the Carthage Floral Study Club and Garden Club and the MO State Highway Dept.

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