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White's Court

Old 66 Blvd. Carthage, MO

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The Red Rocks Apartment Complex was started in 1927 with a cafe, gas station, garage and a couple of cabins. By the 1940s it was known as White's Court. Eventually the number of cabins grew to eight, with at least six being separated by carports The cafe and gas station have been combined and converted into a living unit. It operated as a motel through 1987. It in located on the 1926 alignment on Old 66 Blvd.

An early postcard shows three rock duplex buildings with gable roofs on the cabins and flat roof carports between the two units in each building. The white panels would have been the carports in the early years. The original flat roofs over the carports have been converted to pitched roofs. That happened when the garages were converted to living space sometime during the period from 1957 to 1987 when Ivan Scott owned the property.

x The sign out front has been modified and repainted over the years but still retains a rather cool shape. The early sign said "Whites" on the horizontal section at the top and "Court" running down the vertical section. I'm guessing that the horizontal sign can under the main sign was a (No)Vacancy sign at some point in time.

Vintage Advertising Highlights

1940s Postcard
White's Court
Carthage, MO
Modern Cottages
Cafe in Connection
We service your car
Phone, Mail, Telegraph service.

Note: With just a cafe, gas station and eight cottages offering telegraph service was probably quite a feature.

Photo(s): 2013, 2016



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