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Kel-Lake Motel

13071 MO Hwy. 96, Carthage, MO
Phone: 417-358-9796

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The Kel-Lake Motel was built in 1954 with eight guest rooms where the newer Route 66 (Hwy. 96) met the 1926 Route 66 (County Road V (Java St.) and across the road from Kellogg Lake. That's a busy intersection today with the Crapduster sculpture on the NE corner, the Best Budget Inn on the SE corner, Kellogg Lake Park on the SW corner and this motel on the NW corner.

x The original sign still stands out front. From the mid-50's to the mid-60s it was owned and operated by Ernest and Eula Jackson.

Vintage Advertising Highlights

Mid 1950s
Kel-Lake Motel
Carthage, Mo.
1/2 Mile East on U. S. 66 & 71 By-Pass
Refrigerated Air-conditioning
Steam Heat
Tile Baths
Free Radios
7 Ft. Beds
Commercial And Family Rates
Date: Unknown
Kel-Lake Motel
Your Best Place To Sleep
Air Conditioned
Steam Heat
By Beautiful Kellogg Lake
1/2 Mi. E. on 66
Carthage Mo.
Juanita Forste, owner

Every Comfort Away From Home
Large Clean Rooms
Come Visit Us!
Phone FL 8-****

NOTE: That's pretty typical advertising for a small Mom and Pop Motel in the 1950s, except for the line about 7 Ft. Beds. That's definitely out of the ordinary, both as advertising and as a feature for the motel.

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