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Best Budget Motel

13008 Missouri Hwy. 96, Carthage, MO
Phone: 417-358-6911

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The former Lake Shore Motel is now the Best Budget Inn located at the intersection of two alignments of Route 66 intersect, Hwy. 96 (1956) and Hwy. V (1926), and across the street from Kellogg Lake Park.

x We stayed here a couple of times in 2013 and found the room pleasant and the staff friendly.
Vintage Advertising Highlights

Early 1950s Postcard
Lake Shore Motel
Carthage, MO.
Best Western Motels (Logo)
I Mile East on U.S. 66 and U. S. 71 Bypass
... It's NEW! ...
Ceramic Tub and Shower Baths
Chilled Water Air Conditioning
Broadloom Wall to Wall
Beautiful Lobby
Enjoy Good Fishing in Lake Kellogg
Matchbook Cover
Mid 1960s
Lake Shore Motel
Rt. 1, Box 4**
All the Comforts
Swimming Pool
Thank You
Hurry Back

Note: Since so many motels are non-smoking these days the number that offer matchbooks at the lobby desk has gone way down. No matchbooks here anymore either.

Photo(s): 2013



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