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Red Oak II

12266 Kafir Rd, Carthage, MO

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Red Oak II isn't just a cool collection of old buildings hauled in and plopped down in a cornfield for folks to look at, it is a real community, people live here! That may be the coolest part of the place.

It is the result of Lowell Davis wanting to re-create the original 1800s village. He bought many of the buildings in the old Red Oak, MO and moved them to this location. The buildings in the above photo face the road in at the entrance to the community. In 1987 this was was just a cornfield, now it is a village with these and many more buildings. It's a bit off the beaten path, but "a bit off the beaten path" is exactly where a good many of the wonders of the world live in all their glory!

GPS: 37.212788, -94.277045

xFinding Red Oak II can be a bit hard, so I'm including some directions and sign images to help. Look for this sign in the sky along MO 96 at County Rd 130 to know where to turn north to get to Red Oak. The sign and County Rd 130 are less than a quarter mile east of the Best Budget Inn and the Crapduster sculpture.

GPS: 37.192171, -94.290001

xThere is another sign at the intersection of County Rd 130 and Kafir Rd. Turn east here.

GPs: 37.212831, -94.290358

xAlong with the buildings fronting the road there is this handsome tractor and its accessory building on wheels.

xEvery small community needs its own blacksmith shop and this is theirs

x I guess this is the general store, which could come in handy if you feel the sudden urge to buy a general.

xIf you were able to zip right past the Blacksmiths Shop because you arrived in town in one of those new-fangled automobiles you'll be comforted to find not just one, but two gas stations! Unfortunately neither one is dispensing gasoline anymore, meanwhile just across the back fence there's plenty of fuel for a horse!

xThere's even a church for those who are powered by prayer and others who might occasionally wonder "Dear God, what have I gotten myself into now?". It's the Red Oak Salem Country Church, and it's an actual active church.

xIf the railroad is wondering where their depot went, we may have found it!

xIt's been a while since the Cavalry roamed this part of Missouri, but just in case, they have a place to call home if they find themselves in the neighborhood.

xThe fort even has a name and a nice sunny spot to sit and rest a bit.

xThere's plenty of folk art like this example of a pioneer lady wielding some sort of primitive chainsaw with what looks like a six foot chain while the dog and chickens watch with wonder.

xLest one think the whole community is locked in the last century or earlier, rest easy, they apparently have their own air force. One might assume by the showing of teeth that this particular aeroplane is none to happy to be confronted by a power pole planted directly in its path.

xScofflaws might want to rethink their mischief of mind as they might otherwise end up as guests of Sheriff Ralph L. Hooker.

xJust in time to refuel as you prepare to journey into and through more prosaic and much less magical places you come upon the afore mentioned second gas station. What luck!

I've only included a carefully curated selection of the wonders of Red Oak II in this missive because the human mind can only handle so much enlightenment at one time.

I love this place!

Photo(s): 2012, 2017



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