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La Grange School

Cty. Rd. 130 at Knoll Rd.

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On your way to Red Oak II you come to the old stone one room La Grange school. The sign out front Says "La Grange School, 1876", other sources date it to 1868. Regardless of the exact construction date for the stone school, a log log stood on this site for since perhaps the early 1840s, apparently no exact records exist.

The log school was one of the few buildings that survived the Civi War intact, but it was closed during the war years and reopened after the war. The last school year ended in the spring of 1973, that marked the end of 130 years educating children on this corner and nearly 100 years in this little stone school house. The school was restored between 2013 and 2016.

xOne of the old stone outhouses is still stand at the treeline behind the school.

xThis photo shows a second door on the south side of the building. That door led to a 1956 addition to the school that must have been removed during the restoration of the old stone school. When the addition was in place there was what appears to have been a stucco finish applied over the stone on the old building. There was also a small entrance vestibule added to the front of the old building as well as a shed roofed addition to the back. Both have also been removed. The additions included indoor plumbing and bathrooms, which was probably equally well appreciated by teachers and students alike.

xThe inscription below the school name says "Dedicated to the Rural School Teachers of America.

I'm not sure what this little building with the sign on it is, but there is a door on the other side, so I'm guessing it was wellhouse that came along with the indoor plumbing in the 1956 addition.

xLook for this neat Weatherhill Farm sign and old farm equipment on the north side of Knoll Road.

xThe birds seem firmly perched atop the sign.

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