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Drake Hotel

406 Howard St., Carthage, MO

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The four-story 100 room Drake Hotel had cost $200.000.00 to build when it opened in 1922. It was named for A.M. Drake, a stockholder in the hotel. In 2005 it was renovated and converted to a 26-unit senior apartment building called the Drake Hotel Apartments.x They also restored the two original canopies, the sign, the marble floors, and the staircase. The original atrium opening to the second floor was restored and revealed a beautiful skylight.

x The very nice neon sign still lives on the corner of 4th & Howard Sts.

Vintage Advertising Highlights

1939 (Postmark)
Drake Hotel
Cartage, Mo.
Modern, fireproof building
Accommodations to suit every purse
Rates by the day, week, or month
Excellent Food in the Coffee Shop
The hotel of courteous service.
Date Unknown
A Homelike Hotel
Drake Hotel
Modern Rooms|$1.25 UP
Cartage, MO
(Image of Uniformed Bellboy carrying luggage)
Service is our First Consideration
Moderate Rates
1937 Postmark
Hotel Drake
European Plan
Cartage, Mo.

NOTE: In 1937 the hotel referred to itself as the Hotel Drake, by 1939 that changed to the Drake Hotel. It's hard to date the matchbook, but the $1.25 rate probably indicates a date closer to the 1922 opening.

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