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1922 Bridge

Old Route 66, Carthage

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The old 1922 bridge (above) on old 66 that crosses a branch of Center Creek west of I-49 was replaced in 2016. It probably needed replacing, but it's always kind of sad to see the landmarks disappear. The did give the old bridge a little recognition by replicating the style of the concrete rails and including one of the old bridge plaques in the new design.

The bridge is located on old 66 about 1 mile west of the interchange with business I-49 . Hwy. 171.

GPS: 37.172852, -94.405980

The 1922 bridge had a total length of about 55 feet and a deck width of only 18.4 feet. That narrow width pretty much made it a one lane for modern trucks and RVs that can each be 8.5 feet wide. So two RVs passing on the bridge would have only about 1 foot between them and the mirrors would use that up.

The new bridge is probably about 6 or more feet wider than the old one, the most noticeable difference is the wide shoulders on the deck. Scroll back up the page to see the difference. Two RVs or trucks should be able to pass with ease now.

Photo(s) 2013, 2017



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