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Tulsa, OK

Tulsa is working hard to maximize the Route 66 experience for travelers. Not counting the freeway there are two main alignments of the Mother Road in this interesting Oklahoma city.
xFormer Conoco Station
17401 E. 11th St.
This vintage Conoco station is located east of 173rd Ave E and 11th St (Route 66 1926-1959 alignment) ... read more
xBrookhaven Motor Court
15625 E. 11th St.
The Brookhaven Motor Court is located on E. 11th St (Route 66) and 156th Ave on the north side ... read more
xToby's Beauty-Rest Court
13300 E. 11th St.
Toby's Beauty-Rest Court has seen some changes over the years. The original Giraffe style Ozark Sandstone office ... read more
xRoute 66 East Gateway
11701 E. 11th St.
The Route 66 Gateway is located on the north side of E. 11th Street just east ... read more
xBrookshire Motel
11017 E. 11th St.
The closed Brookshire Motel is located on 11 St (Route 66) just west of Garnett Rd on the north side ... read more
xAmerica's Value Inn
10117 E. 11th St.
The former Saratoga Motor Hotel was an 85-unit motel that advertised free TV and continuous hi-fi music ... read more
xRoute 66 Interpretive Plaza
11th St & Mingo Rd.
The Interpretive Plaza was finished in 2012 and have five plaques, telling Route 66's history in Tulsa ... read more
xOasis Motel
9303 E. 11th St.
The Oasis Motel was built in 1953 and the current sign dates back to about 1960. There was a swimming pool between ... read more
xElm's Court
8344 E. 11th St.
I haven't been able to find much information about the old Elm's Court on E. 11th Street in Tulsa ... read more
xSuper 11 Inn
6302 E. 11th St.
The former Sheridan Hills Motel had a now long gone heated swimming pool fenced with colored glass ... read more
xWestern Inn
5915 E. 11th St.
The Western Inn started as the Flamingo Motel with 36 units. It looks like it also had a swimming pool ... read more
xDesert Hills Motel
5220 E. 11th St.
This mid century motel has been serving Route 66 travelers since 1953. Bright neon and a great mural offer ... read more
xClay's Motor Co Sign
4507 East 11th St.
The sign probably advertised for another used car dealership or business originally. I'd love to see this sign fully restored ... read more
x1929 Sinclair Gas Station
3501 East 11th St.
This is a great example of the Spanish Eclectic style of architecture used on many stations along Route 66 ... read more
xShell Oil Company Filling Station #5
1107 S. Harvard Ave. (appx. 3300 E. 11th)
The little 900 square foot former Shell Oil Company Filling Station #5 is located across the street from a ... read more
xCampell Hotel
2626-2648 East 11th St.
This luxury boutique hotel occupies the 1927 Max Campbell building on the 1933 alignment of Route 66 in Tulsa ... read more
xMonument Building
1735 East 11th St.
This magnificent little building was designed by Harry H. Mahler. It sits on the 1932 alignment of Route 66 ... read more
xEl Rancho Grande Restaurant
1629 E. 11th St.
Maybe the oldest Mexican restaurant on Route 66 in Tulsa serving happy customers since 1953 ... read more
xStunkards Super Service Station
1401 East 11th St.
This old station building still shows its basic design from the heyday of Route 66 in Tulsa. It'd be nice to see it fully ... read more
xMeadow Gold Sign
1324 E. 11th St. at Quaker Ave.
If you're looking for a super sized neon sign in Tulsa, this is it! It sits on the 1933 alignment ... read more
x1931 Vickery Phillips 66 Station
602 S. Elgin Ave.
This cottage style station was built as a Phillips 66 and has other uses in later years, but it's still standing in ... read more
x1924 Blue Dome Gas Station
2nd St and Elgin Ave
Truely distinctive gas stations are few and far between, even on Route 66, but this is one you really need to see! ... read more
xCyrus Avery Centenial Plaza
Southwest Blvd at Riverside Drive
The East Meets West sculpture and the Cyrus Avery Memorial Bridge over the Arkansas River make this a highlight of ... read more
xCities Service Station #8
1648 Southwest Boulevard
The Cities Service Station #8 was built in 1926 without any service bays. The bays were added in 1940 and ... read more
xRoute 66 Station Park
3770 Southwest Blvd.
Stop and take a few minutes to check out the magnificent locomotive and the historic oil derrick at this little park ... read more
xOllie’s Station
4070 Southwest Blvd.
Ollie's has been in business since 1981 and have a railroad theme with ten trains running overhead ... read more
xFirst Oil Well Plaque
4100 Southwest Blvd.
This plaque commemorates the first oil well in Tulsa County. The well was less than a half mile from this spot along ... read more
xRoute 66 West Gateway
4261 Southwest Blvd.
The Route 66 West Gateway on Southwest Boulevard in Tulsa stand in front of the old Crystal City Shopping ... read more
xMeltdown Diner
4377 Southwest Boulevard
This renovated 1949 gas station is home to a large variety of grilled cheese sandwiches and they are really tasty ... read more
xCrystal Motel
5510 W Skelly Dr.
The Crystal Motel was formerly the 33 room Frontier Motel and dates back to 1953 ... read more
xWestern Capri Motel
5320 W. Skelly Dr.
The Western Capri Motel opened in 1950 on what was then Sapulpa Road and is now West Skelly Dr. At the time this ... read more
xGateway Inn
5600 W Skelly Dr.
This early 1950s motel was formerly the Town & Country Motor Hotel and Reataurant. At some point it ... read more

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.