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Campbell Hotel

2626-2648 East 11th St., Tulsa, OK

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The original Casa Loma Hotel first opened here in 1927 with 33 guest rooms. The building was completely restored and the luxury boutique Campbell Hotel opened in 2011 with 26 guest rooms. At one point there was a drug store on the first floor at the east end of the building. There was also a barber shop in the building, which was a real convenience for guests. The hotel is located on 11th Street, the 1933 alignment of Route 66 between Birmingham Place and Columbia Avenue.

x In 1932 the one story section was added to the east end of the building. For a several years a grocery store occupied the one story section. A trolly line running in front of the building allowed hotel guests to travel downtown with ease.

x A bright neon sign hangs out front. Check out the multi-colored tile on the roof. The stone panel says "Max Campbell" above "1927".

x Tulsa is making a real effort to commemorate historic Route 66 and increase it's visibilty in the city. The inlaid paver strip in the sidewalks extends along 11th Street from the 5000 block of 11th Street all the way to Peoria Ave.

x The paving accent strip includes decorative stamped paving blocks imprinted with the Oklahoma Route 66 shield every 25 feet.

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