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Oklahoma City, OK

Like most of the larger cities on the Mother Road, many of the historic landmarks have been demolished over the years, but there is still plenty to see.
Owl Court
742 W. Britton Road
This motor court, gas station and cafe has been under renovation, it's closed, but well worth a photo stop ... read more
1937 Texaco
819 Britton Rd.
This 1937 Texaco station and garage and in the past has been used by various companies in the years since ... read more
Former Sinclair Station
901 Britton Rd.
This white garage was originally a Sinclair station that later became Scrugg's Texaco ... read more
xRitz Theater
912 Britton Rd.
This long closed theater is on the 1931 - 54 "Beltline" alignment of Route 66. The original location of the Ritz is ... read more
Former Cities Service Gas Station
9110 N. Western Ave.
This 1946 gas station was an art studio when we went by in 2015, but that ... read more
Pugh Ford Asher Antiques
9101 N. Western Ave.
This is a significantly modified 1930s automobile dealership building. It's been repainted covering up the murals since ... read more
Western Trail Trading Post
9100 N. Western Ave.
All kinds of old post cards and maps could be found in this one time garage, but it closed in 2014, nice photo op ... read more
Will Rogers Theater
4322 Western Ave.
The very cool neon marquee and tower sign are a real attraction on this old 1946 Art Deco style theater ... read more
xOklahoma State Capital
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd
This is one of three state capitals on Route 66, Illinois and New Mexico are the other two. All three are ... read more
xTower Theater
425 NW 23rd St.
As close as I can tell this theater is something like a cat with nine lives. It keeps getting restored again and again ... read more
Gold Dome
1112 NW 23rd St
This 1958 building on Route 66 was one of the first to use Buckmister Fullers geodesic dome style of ... read more
xGiant Milk Bottle
2426 N Classen Blvd.
This little building with the giant milk bottle on the roof is just around the corner from the Gold Dome ... read more
xTower Courts
3126 NW 39th St.
The Tower Courts, later known as the Tower Motel is behind a chain link fence, but you can still see ... read more
xSunTide Inn
3206 NW 39th St.
A soaring canopy welcomed weary travelers to the Sun-Tide Inn. The motel sits on what was Route 66 ... read more
Carlyle Motel
3600 NW 39th St
This mid-century motel has stood here since 1943, but it's huge historic and very colorfull neon sign from 1958 is ... read more

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.