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Depew, OK

It appears that Depew was the first town on the original 1926 alignment of Route 66 to be bypassed, and then it happened again! About 3 blocks of the first bypass still exists along side the current 66.
x1912 Bldg, Depew, OK
318-20 Main St.
A set of cool murals liven up these store fronts on the original Route 66. But behind the facades are only the ruins of ... read more
xSpangler's Grocery
322. Main St.
The grocery apparently closed in the spring of 2012, leaving one more vacant store front on Main Street in Depew ... read more
xDepew National Bank
Main Street at Sims Ave.
The second bank in Depew opened in 1920, giving locals two places to borrow money, or stash it I suppose ... read more
xFormer Masonic Lodge Building
325 W. Main Street.
This handsome building has housed a restaurant on the main floor and appears to have been a ... read more
xCoppedge Pharmacy
325 W. Main St.
Only the walls of the Coppedge Pharmacy building are still standing, but they add interest to Main Street ... read more
xDowntown Block of Buildings
Main Street at Malley Ave.
At least one of these two story buildings on Main Street dates back as 1911. The building at the far right is at ... read more
xWar Memorial, Depew, OK
Main Street
Like many small towns along Route 66 Depew has a downtown Veterans Memorial Park ... read more
xDepew Water Tower
Off Main Street
The Depew High School football & basketball teams are the Hornets, their mascot is emblazoned on ... read more
xGimmel Gas Station
Main St at Malley Ave.
The old Gimmel Sinclair station is still standing on the corner of Main Street and Ladd Ave in downtown ... read more

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.