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Sayre, OK

Route 66 runs right through Sayre. There are a few interesting old highway related buildings and a large historic district. The 1926 alignment turned west on main street, but the 1930s alignment, which is in use today, heads south across the river on 4th street.
xStardust Motel / Restaurant
611 NE Highway 66
Another mid-century from the heydey of Route 66. Now apartments, and the restaurant is still standing too ... read more
xWestern Motel
315 NE Hwy 66 (2nd Street & Old 66)
This was a state of the art roadside motel in the 1960s and its outstanding neon sign still offers a great photo opportunity ... read more
xMural, "Root 66"
304 NE 66
This fun and whinsical "Root 66" mural NE Route 66 makes a great spot for a photo op ... read more
xFormer Sinclair Station
257 NE 66
In the 50s and early 60s this was a Sinclair Service Station. This was a busy intersection with at least three ... read more 
xWPA Pedestrian Underpass
Elm St & 4th St (Route 66), Sayre, OK
This underpass, built to protect school children, stands as a reminder of how much traffic Route 66 once ... read more
xJ.W. Danner House
408 N 4th St, Sayre, OK
J.W. Danner built this house around 1905 using conrete blocks that he personally cast on site ... read more
xRock Island Railroad Depot
106 E Poplar, Sayre, OK
Thr 1928 Rock Island Depot is located on E. Poplar Ave.about a half block west of 4th Street ... read more
xArt Deco Post Office
201 N. 4th St. (Route 66)
The 1938 Classical Revival style post office is part of the Downtown Historical District in Sayre ... read more
xFirst National Bank
4th & Main
The 1905 First National Bank building is now home to the Sayre City Hall ... read more

Side trip:
Turning west off 4th Street takes you down the 1926 to 1957 alignment of Route 66. That alignment went west to 9th Street then south across the river. After the river bridge washed out in 1957 the Mother Road moved to 4th Street.

xChamplin Station
5th & Main
The 1934 Champlin station began as just couple a of garage bays for a small station and grew into this by ... read more
xGodfrey's Conoco Station
301 W Main, Sayre, OK
A Conoco station stood on this corner for at least thirty years from 1930 to 1960 and probably beyond that ... read more
x1925 Magnolia Station
302 W. Main St.
This former Magnolia Gas Station was built in 1925 and later became a Mobil station until 1959 ... read more
xBoggs Hotel
315 W Main St, Sayre, OK
The 2000 Oklahoma Route 66 Historic Resources Survey says the Boggs Hotel was built in 1918 and ... read more
x1934 Marathon Station
401 W Main St., Sayre, OK
This Marathon station was built in 1934 and later became a Sinclair station, sadly it has been severely altered by the removal of ... read more

Turn around and head east across 4th to to see the Stovall Theater and the historic Beckham County Courthouse.

Whitehurst Building
4th & Main
This is one of the oldest and largest buildings in the Sayre Historic District ... read more
xStovall Theater
210 E. Main Street
The Stovall opened in 1950, and seems to have stopped showing movies in the 1970s. It has been significantly restored in recent years ... read more
xSayre Hotel
220 East Main St
The 1923 hotel was built by John Boatmanand operated by Boatman & Wray. By 1929 the hotel was ... read more
xBeckham County Courthouse
302 East Main St.
This stately domed courthouse played the state capital in "The Grapes of Wrath" movie ... read more

Back on 66:
Turn around again and head back to 4th street and then south on 4th across the river.

xEaster's Service Station& Motel
114/16 S 4th St., Sayre, OK
James Winget built this Mobil station in 1959, Thomas Easter took over in 1971 and operated Easter's Service Station and ... read more
xSayre City Park
County Roads #E1200 & N1870, Sayre, OK
The city park dates to 1909, a 1940 WPAproject brought the swimming pool and bath house. In 1957 Route 66 was ... read more
xOld Road West of Sayre
West of Sayre to I-40
Old abandoned lanes of a four lane section that reverted to a two lane highway. Another old road photo op ... read more

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.