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Bridgeport, OK

From 1926 to 1932 it was an important link on Route 66 between Geary and Hydro. The t1895 own of isn't quite a ghost town because 100 or so folks still call it home.
xBridgeport Sign
Route 66, Bridgeport, OK
The sign for Bridgeport on Route 66 shows the historic Key's toll bridge that was the only way across the Canadian River until ... read more
xBridgeport Garage
Market St. at Wichita Ave.,
This garage dates to at least 1917 and probably a few years before that. In 1917 they sold Fords here ... read more
xOld School
628 Wichita Ave., Bridgeport, OK
This was the schoolhouse. There is a door on the side that led to the lower level. It is located on Wichita Ave. west of Market ... read more
xFormer Post Office
Market St., Bridgeport, OK
The little Post Office started out on the other side (east) of town and got moved here during dispute among the town's residents. ... read more

Bridgeport United Methodist Church
N2585 Rd, Bridgeport, OK
This church was built in 1907 and still is in use today ... read more

xAbandoned Business
Route 66, Bridgeport, OK
In his 1946 "A Guide Book to Highway 66" Jack Rittenhouse mentions gas stations and Tourist Courts at this intersection ... read more

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.