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Chandler, OK

There are several historic buildings in Chandler that are worth noting when you visit. This is the county seat for Lincioln County.
x66 Bowling Sign
9xx E. 1st St.
This sign came from 66 Bowl in Oklahoma City where it stood for 50 years. It has been refurbished and relit in ... read more
xLincoln Motel
740 E 1st St.
This large neon sign is easy to spot in front of the vintage Lincoln Motel on the east side of Chandler ... read more
xVisitor Center
400 E 1st St.
The Chandler Route 66 Interpretive Center features a multimedia nostalgic trip down "The Mother Road" ... read more
xOld Station
621 Manvel Ave.
This old gas station has been torn down and replaced by a parking lot, the unfortunate fate of too many ... read more
x1939 Phillips 66 Station
701 Manvel Ave.
This 1930 Phillips 66 gas station has seen plenty of changes over the years and is now being restored to its ... read more
xValentine Diner
7th Street at Manvel Ave.
This 10 seat diner was moved from Leedy to Chandler in 2003 and awaits restroation. It is right behind the ... read more
xOld Chandler High School
515 Steele, Chandler, OK
The historic moderne style Chandle High School bears the quotation "The Foundation of the State is the ... read more
x1927 Flynt Building
716 Manvel Ave.
This 1927 Flynt building isn't the original Flynt building or even on the same site. That building is a couple of doors down ... read more
xMuseum of Pioneer History
717-719 Manvel Ave.
The Lincoln County Museum of Pioneer History now occupies the Murphy / Mascho building. Hours are limited so ... read more
x1902 Flynt Building
720 Manvel Ave,
The 1902 Flynt building was home to the American Loan office when we snapped these photos in 2016. This building was ... read more
xWolcott & Oleson-Crane Buildings
721 & 725 Manvel Ave.
These two little buildings were built in the first years of the 1900s and are still standing and ... read more.
xCrane Motor Company Building
722 Manvel Ave.
This 1917 building was home to a Ford dealership until 1975. The first floor was the showroom, cars were ... read more
xH & S Theater
816 Manvel Ave.
You'll find several historic theaters along Route 66, and this one is little changed from its opening night in ... read more
xChandler Public Library
1021 Manvel Ave.
The Chandler Public Library has occupied the historic 1899 Clapp-Cunningham Building since ... read more
xThe Corner Station
1101 Manvel Ave.
Here's a neat little vintage gas station building that is serving other purposes lately ... read more
xSt Cloud Hotel
1216 Manvel Ave.
The St. Cloud Hotel was built in three parts, the first in 1903, the second in 1904 and the third in ... read more
xHistory of Chandler Mural
13th and Manvel Ave.
There are a couple murals in Chandler, this one is right on Route 66 just before you leave town heading west ... read more
x1940s Mobile Station
1422 Manvel Ave.
It been a while since gas was pumped at this 1940s Mobile gas station that has lately been serving as a restaurant ... read more
xSinclair Station
1423 S Manvel Ave.
The vintage gas pump on the island under the canopy makes think that at one time this may have been a Sinclair ... read more
xMeramac Caverns Barn Sign
Route 66
This is reported to be the last remaining Meramec Cavern barn sign in Oklahoma. It faces west so it's easy to ... read more

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.