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Ash Fork & Crookton Junction Area, AZ

Ash Fork once bustled with railroad and later Route 66 activity, both have more or less dried up, but the town keeps on going!

xCounty Line Cafe & Martin's Motel
I-40 Exit 148
What's left of the County Line Cafe and Martin's Motel are located just west of I-40, exit 148 ... read more

xMobile Station
202 E. Lewis Ave.
The Mobile Station on the east end of town had a whole row of classic cars lined up beside it when we ... read more

xCopper State Motel
101 W. Lewis Ave.
The rock Copper State Motel used to be known as the Copper State Motor Court and the Copper State Modern ... read more
xHi-Line Motel
124 W. Lewis Ave.
The Hi-Line Motel opened in 1936. Years ago the motel office in the center of the U shaped motel also ... read more
xFlagstone Sidewalks
171 W. Lewis Ave.
1936 - 1939 WPA Project flagstone sidewalks remind us that the early history of Route 66 included ... read more

xTheroux Motor Co. Building
204 W. Lewis Ave.
In 1957 this was the home of the Theroux Motor Company and a Mobil Gas Station. The Mobil sign and pumps are ... read more
Zettler's Route 66 Store
242 W. Lewis Ave.
This place opened in 1930 as The City Bakery by the Homer Zettler family and in 1940 established a small ... read more
xDeSoto Salon
314 W. Lewis Ave.
DeSoto's Salon in an old Texaco station is a fixture on Route 66 in Ash Fork. The 1960 DeSoto on the roof might ... read more

xGreen Door Bar Building
322 W. Lewis Ave.
The sign above the door still said Ash Forks Route 66 Grill and Ice Cream Shoppe when this photo was snapped in 2013 ... read more

xWinchester Dickerson Building
362 W. Lewis Ave.
This 1920's building was the Arizona Cafe for several years, but was a church in 2013. The stone panels on the ... read more
xAsh Fork Hardware
363(?) W. Lewis Ave.
Along side this 1922 drug store is a section of the depression era WPA flagstone sidewalk ... read more
xWhite House Hotel
389 W. Lewis, Ash Fork, AZ
This was the Ash Fork House which was originally located near the old depot that burned in 1905. After the depot burned ... read more
xTransportation Hub Historic Markers
W. Lewis, at 5th St.
Plaques here commemorate the historic 1907 Escalante Hotel, a Harvey House that was torn down in the 1970's ... read more

xSanta Fe Water Tower
Ash Fork Centennial Park
The Ash Fork Santa Fe Railroad water tower stands along Route 66 on the west side of the Ash Fork ... read more

Turn south on 8th Street and drive a couple of blocks on Old Route 66 to the museum.

xAsh Fork Route 66 Museum
901 Old Route 66
Located in the old maintenance camp #1 building and loaded with interesting stuff, including a model of the Escalante Harvey House... read more

Leave the museum via the driveway on the north side which takes you back to Lewis Ave.

xAsh Fork Inn
859 Lewis Ave.
The former Nomad Motel was the Ask Fork Inn when we took this photo in 2013. It is a surprisingly large motel. It is located on the west end of town ... read more

Crookton Junction is named for the spot where two rail lines merged. A couple of neat spots wait for you on Crookton Road, but you don't actually go through what was the junction point.

x1926 - 1932 Alignment
On Crookton Rd.
About 5 miles NW of I-40 exit 139. Why go over the hill on a nice smooth road when you can take the bumpy old ... read more
xOld Crookton Junction Bridge
Crookton Rd.
The abandoned 1937 bridge over the BNSF tracks is about 1.6 miles west of the ... read more

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.