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Williams, AZ

Route 66 uses two one way streets a block apart in Williams. This page follows Railroad Ave. west and then turns south one block and heads east on (the original) Historic Route 66.
1500 E. Route 66
This is a drive thru animal park with bears, wolves, bison, mountain and other critters wandering around stay ... read more
xCanyon Motel & RV Park
1900 E Rodeo Rd
The former Kaibab Motor Lodge now Canyon Motel offers cozy cabins, an old caboose, RV or a tent ... read more
xRed Garter Bakery and B & B
137 W. Railroad Ave.
The 1897 Tetzlaff Building houses a bakery and B & B on westbound Route 66 ... read more
xGrand Canyon Railway & Motel
235 N Grand Canyon Blvd.
Home to the historic 1908 Fray Marcus Harvey House & 1901 Williams Depot ... read more

Side Trip:
If you're taking the train to the Grand Canyon, the depot is where you get on. If you're driving, back track to I-40 exit 165 and take Hwy. 64 north from there.

xGrand Canyon National Park
It's all but impossible to give an idea of just how big the Grand Canyon is, you really need to see it to get the idea. Plan on spending several hours here ... read more

Back on 66:
Head back to Williams by train or car. Then continue west on Railroad Ave or I-40.

xVisitor Center
200 W. Railroad Ave.
The visitor information center offers a lot of local information as well as a small gift shop ... read more
Arizona 9 Motor Hotel
315 W Route 66
The former Sutton Hotel Cottages became the 1960's Whiting Brothers Motor Hotel and then ... read more
xPollock Building / Masonic Lodge
246 W Historic Route 66
This 1897 building was touched up in 2009, some windows on the 3rd Street side were filled with displays by a ... read more
xLast Town Bypassed Mural
Right next to the Pollock Building
This mural commemorates Williams being the last town bypassed by Route 66 on October 13, 1984 ... read more
xCruisers Cafe 66
233 W. Historic Route 66
1910 Telegraph Office. There's an old car parked on the canopy above the patio, but the rest of us have to ... read more
x1917 Citizen's Bank Building
202 W. Route 66
This 1917 bank building was the Grand Canyon Store that offered Grand Canyon tours when ... read more
1912 Duffy Brothers Building
201 W. Historic Rte 66,
This was the Colors of the West Gift Shop when we were there in 2013. Has some great neon signs on the outside ... read more
xGrand Canyon Hotel
145 W Route 66
With it's neon sign proudly declaring "Since 1891" the Grand Canyon Hotel claims to be the oldest hotel in Arizona ... read more
xTurquoise Teepee Gift Shop
114 W. Route 66
The Turquoise Teepee is located in the 1947 Bowdon Building has flagstone on the front and part of the east end ... read more
xPete's Gas Station Museum
101 E Route 66
Pete's Gas Station Museum features a pair of visible gas pumps under the canopy out front ... read more
xM-Star Motel
128 E. Route 66
The small Hull's Hotel Cottages have grown to be a full blown 20 room motel. It was the ... read more

Heading West:
Turn around where the two one way streets meet and head west on Railroad Ave. and keep going west out of town.

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xStay tuned, there's more to come!  

x About Us We started traveling Historic U.S. Route 66 as a destination in 2009. It's like a 2,400 mile long drive back in time from Chicago to Santa Monica! more
xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.