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Amarillo, TX

Most of the original alignment of the Mother Road is still driveable in Amarillo. As well as the Cadillac Ranch, the Historic 6th Street District is pretty interesting.
Triangle Motel, Cafe & Station
7954 E. Amarillo Boulevard
Wedged between what was then Route 66 and US 60 the Triangle Motel was built in the last half of the 1940's ... read more
Buster's Cafe Sign
7820 Triangle Drive (1926 66)
You can find this old sign across the street from the Triangle Motel complex. The cafe building is behind a tall fence ... read more
xRama Motel
5407 E. Amarillo Blvd.
One of many vintage motels still standing in Amarillo. In Jack Rittenhouse's 1946 book he mentions that there were 40 small ... read more
xEastridge Bowling Lanes
5405 E. Amarillo Blvd.
If you like bowling, you'll like this vintage sign, it still grabs your attention ... read more
xWoods Inn
4600 E. Amarillo Blvd.
The Woods Inn opened in 1948. It is made up of small cottages or cabins that look to have mostly had 2 units each ... read more
xCowboy Motel
3619 E. Amarillo Blvd.
I wonder who dreamed up the designs all the vintage motel signs along Route 66. This old cowboy was still watching ... read more
xSundown, Motel
3612 E. Amarillo Blvd.
This is a small one story place that looks like it's probably more long term housing now. That's the fate of many vintage motels ... read more
xFormer Dutch Mill Cafe & Service Station
3401 SW 6th Ave.
From 1932 to the 1950s this was the Dutch Mill Service Station and Cafe with a a large Dutch windmill at its curbside ... read more
xHillcrest Motel
3017 NE Amarillo Blvd.
Another vintage motel along Historic Route 66 in Amarillo ... read more
xHong Kong Restaurant
3011 NE Amarillo Blvd.
Built in 1960 the former Hong Kong Restaurant still stands, but the original dragon topped sign is long gone ... read more
xPalo Duro Motel
2820 E. Amarillo Blvd.
When this motel opened in 1952 it had 20 rooms with garages for guest parking ... read more
xRoute 66 Inn
2806 E. Amarillo Blvd.
The former True Rest Courts opened 1941 with 30 rooms and adjacent garages ... read more
x Redwood Motel
2801 E. Amarillo Blvd.
The former Redwood Ranch Motel still stands where it has for decades now. It is one of a long string of vintage motels in Amarillo ... read more
xDing How Restaurant
2415 NE Amarillo Blvd.
The easiest way to spot the former Ding How Restaurant is to look for the blacked out ... read more
xPotter County Free Library
517 S. Taylor
The Potter County Free Library opened in 1922 and was the first county library in Texas to have it's own building ... read more
xParamount Theater
817 S. Polk Street
Check out the very cool restored sign on this 1930's Pueblo Style theater ... read more
xOld Gas Station
525 SW 6th Ave.
This is a cool old gas station. Check out the interesting single column design for supporting the canopy ... read more
xCircus Room Clown Sign
2309 SW 6th Ave.
The Circus Room is a nightclub on SW 6th Ave. I kind of like clowns, so this sign appeals to me ... read more
xRanchotel / Morning Star Hostel
2501 SW 6th Ave.
This motor court was built in 1940 with 16 units. It was added to the National Register of Historical Places in the ... read more
xThe Nat
2705 West 6th Ave.
The former Amarillo Natatorium was built in 1922. It has gone from a swimming pool to dance hall and on to ... read more
San Jacinto Fire Station #3 Building
610 South Georgia
This is a private residence now, but it is the only remaining example of a pre-WWII fire station left in Amarillo ... read more
xBorden's Heap-O-Cream Ice Cream Parlor
3120 SW Sixth Ave.
This 1941 Art Moderne building was an antique shop when we went ... read more
xAdkinson-Baker Tire Company Texaco
3200 SW Sixth Ave.
Virtually unchanged over the years this old Texaco station is a real throwback to 1939 when it was built ... read more
xOld Dealership
3303 SW 6th Ave.
I haven't found much info about the building, but it looks like it might have been an old auto dealership ... read more
xM-System Grocery / Fibonacci Building
3306 - 6th Ave.
The 1920s M-Systems Grocery building was occupied by the Fibonacci / Chamber Music Amarillo when ... read more
xCarolina Building
3317 - 3323 SW 6th Ave.
The Carolina Building is an example of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, it was built in 1926 ... read more
xFormer Taylor Texaco Station
3512 6th
This 1952 gas station used the standard Texaco enameled steel design. There were three pumps under the front edge of ... read more
xShamrock Station
3515 SW 6th Street.
This former Shamrock gas station is now home to Moe Dogs Grill. Steve & Cathy wife restored the station ... read more
xMartin's Phillips 66 Station
3821 SW 6th Ave.
Martin's Phillips 66 Station operated from the 1930s to the 1990s. The earliest facility was the ... read more
xBig Texan Steak Ranch & Motel
7701 Interstate 40
The Big Texan serves their famous 72 oz steak dinner and more manageable meals and there's a western themed motel ... read more
xCadillac Ranch
I-40, Exit 60
This is an audience participation work of art, people bring cans of spray paint and add their vision to it ... read more

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