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Cowboy Motel

3619 E. Amarillo Blvd., Amarillo, TX
Phone: 806-383-3040

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The Cowboy Motel was the Del Camino Motel in the late 1940s and early 50s. The Cowboy took over sometime around 1954. The earliest reference that I've found for the Del Camino is from 1948. It is a typical "park in front of your room" design, of course there were originally garages between the room. The older I get, the more I appreciate this style of lodging.

x I wonder who dreamed up the designs all the vintage motel signs along Route 66. At any rate, this old cowboy was still watching the road in 2012 when we snapped this photo. I like the stars on the upright panel. The Cowboy received a permit to install a swimming pool in 1956, the pool is long gone.

Vintage Advertising Highlights

Del Camino Motel
3619 N. E. 8th AVENUE - PHONE 2-****
P. O. Box 5*** - AMARILLO, TEXAS - (Pop. 100,000)
Amarillo's newest and finest court, featuring private baths. Beauty Rest mattresses, air conditioning and automatic heating. Five minute drive to downtown Amarillo.

NOTE: The postcard shows the garages between the guest rooms and a much more modest sign. It's interesting the the back of the card refers to the business as a "court" as well as a motel. The style is much more in line with the court concept, so I'm guessing the postcard was published at a time when the term "court" was giving way to the more modern term "motel"

Photo(s): 2012



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