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Vega, TX

Vega has two "Main Street"s and they intersect! That's just one cool thing about this neat little Texas town. Historic Route 66 followed a couple of alignments through the town over the years.
xFormer John Deere Dealership
401 Vega Blvd.
This former John Deere Dealership building has a cool mural above the door and an old tractor out front ... read more
xOld Texaco Station
504 E. Vega Blvd.
This old gas station and cafe building has had many operators over the years. It appeared to be abandoned when ... read more
xBonanza Motel
607 Vega Blvd.
The vintage one story Bonanza Motel has been open since the 1950s ... read more
xHill's Cafe & Curios Building
703 Vega Blvd.
The former Hill's Cafe building has moved on to other uses, but it still stands with it's curved glass block surrounded ... read more
xRoark's Hardware
214 S Main St.
The legendary Roark's Hardware has been in business in this building since 1929 ... read more
xMagnolia Station
S. Main St. at Coke St.
The 1924 Magnolia Gas Station was restored in 2001 with a smaller version of the original canopy over the pumps... read more
xMilburn-Price Museum
1005 Coke St.
This little museum is a wonderful addition to Vega. It is packed full with cool old artifacts from the local ... read more
xCourt House & Monuments
105 S. Main St.
The Oldham County Courthouse was built in 1915 when the county seat was moved from Tascosa to Vega ... read more
Various locations
There are several murals on display around downtown Vega ... read more
xDot’s Mini-Museum
105 N. 12th St.
Dot's Mini Museum has a wide range of antiques, collectibles and oddities that Dot started collecting in 1962 ... read more
xHickory Inn Cafe
1004 Vega Blvd.
The Googie style sign used to be down the street at the former Hill's Cafe ... read more
xVega Motel
1005 Vega Blvd.
The former Vega Court opened in 1947 with 12 units with a carport for each unit, eight more rooms and carports were ... read more
xRoadrunner Drive In
Vega Blvd at 11th,
This little closed Roadrunner Drive-In has had a paint job since we went by in 2009, but it was still closed in 2015 ... read more
xRooster's Cafe
1300 Vega Blvd.
The whimsical Rooster sign is hard to miss standing beside the road beckoning one to stop ... read more
xKrohn's Texaco & Cafe
Vega Blvd. at 15th
The long closed Krohn's Texaco and cafe sits on the west end of Route 66 in Vega ... read more
xSands Motel
1800 W. Vega Blvd.
The former Sands Motel opened in 1963 with 42 rooms full of amenities that were popular at the time ... read more

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.