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Milburn-Price & Culture Museum

1005 Coke St., Vega, TX

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The former Western Lumber Company building is home to the Milburn-Price & Culture Museum. The photo above is the building as it looked in the spring of 2015. Look for the little "window in the wall" inside that reveals the year the building was built. The place is full of historic artifacts from the local community. The museum is on Coke Street and about a half block west of the Magnolia Gas Station in downtown Vega.

x Here's a bit better look at the mural on the east side of the building. If you think the mural is neat, wait until you meet the people inside the museum. I can hardly wait to get back there.

x This is how the building looked in 2012, quite a change. It's not real visible in this photo, but just above the canopy are the words "Bus Stop", a remnant of the role the building played in the 2001 made for TV movie "What Matters Most" starring Chad Allen and Polly Cole. It never really was a bus stop.

Photo(s): 2012 - 2015



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