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Magnolia Station

S. Main St. at Coke St., Vega, TX

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This 1924 Magnolia Service Station is located on S. Main Street at Coke St. In 2001 the City of Vega and others restored the station. The canopy had been removed earlier because of road widening, but was rebuilt in a similar style if a bit smaller during the restoration. Besides being a Magnolia station, it was also a Phillips 66 and Conoco station and between 1953 - 1965 it was the Slatz Barbershop.

x A Magnolia Gasoline "visible" gas pump stands out front. There are several pieces of Petroliana on display at the station. There was only one other gas station in Vega when this one was built in the early 1920's.

x This photo shows the interior of the station. The floor for the second story has been removed at some point. In 1925 the station was leased to Edward Wilson to be used as a general service station and residence, the residence being upstairs. You can see the second floor door in this photo. It's no longer there, but there used to be a garage behind the station on the southwest corner of the building.

x This sign advertises Magnolia Petroleum Products and features "Magnolene Motor Oils For Sale Here".

Photo(s): 2012



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