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Cadillac Ranch

I-40, Exit 60

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This is an public participation work of art, people bring their cans of spray paint and add their vision to it. But it's a temporary act because the cars get sand blasted occasionally becoming a blank canvas again. The result is the work can change by the hour, depending on the weather I guess.

As reported in the Spring 2013 edition of Route 66 magazine, the cadillacs, from right to left, are a 1948 Series Sixty-One Sedanette; 1952 Series Sixty-Two Sedan; 1954 Coup de Ville; 1956 Sedan de Ville; 1957 Sedan de Ville, 1958 Four-door Hardtop Sedan; 1959 Coupe de Ville; 1960 Sedan de Ville; 1962 Sedan de Ville and 1964 Fleetwood Sixty Special.


The cars are a fair walk from the I-40 Frontage Road as this picture shows looking at them from the gate.

The idea of the Cadillac Ranch came from discussions between Stanley Marsh III and the folks at the Ant Farm. Marsh donated the land and a $3,000 budget and the project was launched on May 28, 1974. Each of the ten Cadillacs were purchased for less than $1,000.

Photo(s): 2012