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Santa Rosa, NM

Santa Rosa is the first larger town west of Tucumcari. These landmarks are listed east to west along Historic Route 66.
Frontier Cafe - Museum
I-40 Exit 284
There's not a lot left of the Frontier Museum and Cafe or other businesses at I-40 exit 284 east of ... read more
x Route 66 Auto Museum
2436 Historic Route 66
The Route 66 Auto Museum has been open since 2000 . You can't miss it with the 1931 yellow ... read more
x Rio Peco's Truck Terminal
2150 (appx.) Historic Route 66.
The Rio Pecos Ranch Truck Terminal sign has a truck driver with an animated waving hand and a neon ... read more
x Route 66 Restaurant
2295 Historic Route 66
The former Lettie's Route 66 Restaurant. Check out the cool Googie style Restaurant" sign on the front of the building ... read more

Side Trip:
If you're interested in scuba diving this side trip is for you.

xBlue Hole
1085 Blue Hole Road
The Blue Hole is a scuba drivers mecca with great visibility and a depth of eighty-one feet. ... read more

Back on 66:
Back track to Lake Dr. and then to 66.

x Sun & Sand Motel & Restaurant
2050 Historic Route 66
This motel was built in 1965 and the sign was restored as part of the 2003 NM Route 66 Neon Sign Restoration Project ... read more
x Sunset Motel
1835 Historic Route 66
This is a former Whiting Brothers Motel, it still has a little neon in the sign. Some cool pierced blocks screening ... read more
x Western Motel
1790 (appx.) Historic Route 66
The 1947 Western Motel was made up of several buildings. Two buildings are gone. Cool signs though! ... read more
Joseph's Restaurant
1775 Historic Route 66
This cafe started out as La Fiesta in 1956 and it's still going strong. There's a story behind the logo ... read more
x La Loma Motel
1709 Historic Route 66
The former La Loma Lodge has been owned & operated by the Campos family since 1949. ... read more
x Tower Motel
1634 Historic Route 66
The Tower Motel was built in 1949. I'm guessing the name may have come from the water towers behind the motel ... read more
Club Cafe
Historic Route at 6th St.
The famous Club Cafe is gone now, but the signs may still be there right across from the Tower Motel ... read more
xIlfeld-Johnson Warehouse
Historic Route 66 at S. 4th St.
This building was built in 1901 as a wool warehouse ... read more
xComet Drive In
1257 Historic Route 66
The Comet II Drive-In operated as the Mucho Burger from 1952 until 1961 when it became the Comet II ... read more
xTrail of the 49ers
exit 252
The Trail of the Forty-Niners was an 1849 alternative route from Arkansas to New Mexico and on to the ... read more

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.