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Pecos Theater

219 S. 4th St., Santa Rosa, NM Address

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This building was home to a movie theater continuously since the late 19teens until it closed in late 2010 except for a brief break in the 1980s. After Guadalupe County bought the closed theater in 2016 and renovated the building it reopened again in 2019 using the Pecos Theater name.

That was probably the longest running name of several before it closed in 2010. Other names included the Rodeo Theater, The Kiva Theater, the Santa Rosa Theater and the El Paso Tiempo Theatre. It also went through several changes in ownership over the years.

The theater opened with 350 seats and went through several renovations over the years. After the latest renovation seating has been reduced to 126 seats.

At some point the marquee was removed, but in 2019 a new marquee, not seen in this 2015 photo, was installed as part of the county's restoration project.

Photo(s): 2015



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