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Moriarty & Edgewood, NM

Moriarty is known as both the "Crossroads of Opportunity" and "The Little City With A Big Heart". Central Avenue is the original Route 66 in Moriarty.
xZia RV Park
I-40 Exit 203
The Zia RV Park is located on the north frontage road at I-40 exit 203 in New Mexico. Apparently closed ... read more
xLonghorn Ranch
I-40 exit 203
Not much left to see of the old Longhorn Ranch except a very weathered sign ... read more
xLewis Antique Auto & Toy Museum
905 E. Central Ave.
Archie Lewis moved here around 2003 from Albuquerque. It took about a month and many friends to make this ... read more

xSunset Motel
501 E. Central Ave.
The Sunset Motel has been around since 1959 and operated by the son of the original owners ... read more

xWhiting Brothers Station
421 E. Central Ave.
This station dates to 1964, and owner Sal Lucero has owned it since 1985. Whiting Brothers started in ... read more
xSands Motel
502 W. Central Ave.
This small former motel is now the Sands Apartments. read more
xJR's Tire Shop
601 W. Central Ave.
Green Evan's opened his Whiteway Garage in 1937. The building has been used as Jr's Tire Shop for many years ... read more
xCactus Mall
700 W. Central Ave.
The 1952 Cactus Motel is now the Cactus Mall. It is located at Harvard & Route 66 ... read more
xLariat Motel
708 W. Central Ave.
The large number of these smaller Mom and Pop motels that thrived along Route 66 at it's peak indicates just how many ... read more
xMoriarty's 1st Fire Station
777 W. Central Ave.
Now the Chamber of Commerce office but you can still see part of the Moriarty Fire Dept. sign on the front of the ... read more
xLazy J Motel
911 W. Central Ave.
The 1955 Lazy J Motel has been updated at least once over the years, the only sign is ... read more
xPonderosa Motel
1000 W. Central Ave.
Here's another of the mid-century style of motels that welcomed Mother Road travelers in Moriarty ... read more
xEl Comedor Rotosphere
1005 W. Central Ave.
The building has been here since the early 1950s, but the wonderful Rotosphere sign didn't arrive until ... read more
xMike's Friendly Store
1009 W. Central Ave.
Mike Anaya opened his store in 1949 at Vassar Ave. & Route 66. On the west side of the building is one of ... read more

: A few miles west of Moriarty you come to Edgewood.

xMidway Trading Post
Route 66
On the east side of Edgewood just past Rd #11 (William's Ranch Rd/V Hill Rd). ... read more

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.