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Whiting Brothers Station

421 Route 66, Moriarty, NM

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This is the Whiting Brothers station number 72 which dates to 1954. Sal Lucero was a long time employee at the station before buying it in 1985. Gas is no longer available here, but some other automotive services are offered. It is the only operating Whiting Brothers Station with the original signs.

x Some of the shield style Whiting Brothers signs have the spire on top and others do not. The signs at this station have been restored since these photos were taken in 2013. There was a small delay during the restoration while waiting for a family of owls to move on after they had taken up residence in the sign.

xWhiting Brothers started in 1926 and established several gas stations and motels along Route 66.

Like a lot of businesses in smaller communities along Route 66 the coming of the interstate highway led to their decline.

Photo(s): 2013, 2015



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