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Breezy Rain Cafe

1005 Old Hwy 66, Moriarty, NM

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This was the historic El Comedor De Anayas Restaurant which was famous for the many politicians and other V.I.P.s that dined there as well as the food. Another attraction here is the Roto-Sphere sign.


This is the last Roto-Sphere left on Route 66. Each of the spikes is outlined in neon, and the two hemispheres rotate in opposite directions. It was restored around 2004 with a grant from the NM Route 66 Neon program. I think you need to see this thing in action at night when the neon is lit up to really appreciate it. I haven't had that opportunity yet. Unfortunately it's apparently difficult to keep running, so catching it in action might be difficult.

Photo(s): 2013