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Shamrock, TX

Like many other towns along Route 66 Shamrock had what might be called a "Motel Row" loaded with vintage motels of various ages, many still stand.
x1932 Rock Island Railroad Bridge
This 126 foot long 1932 railroad bridge is about 5.5 miles west of Texola and about 8 miles east of Shamrock ... read more
xRoute 66 Inn
800 E. 12th St.
This motel started life in 1953 as the Sun and Sand Motel. The motel later became the Route 66 Inn ... read more
xShamrock Country Inn
711 E. 12th St.
This is the former 31 room Ranger Motel. Like a lot of period motels it had a swimming pool, which has been removed ... read more
xWhiting Brothers Station
700 E. 12th St.
This former Whiting Brothers gas station has also served as a donut shop and later as a truck parts and towing shop ... read more
xArt Deco Gas Station
613 - E 12th St.
This old gas station is on the north side of the street about a block west of the similarly styled Whiting Brothers station at Missouri ... read more
xBlarney Inn
402 E. 12th St.
The Blarney Inn started out as the Rambler Motel which claimed to be "Shamrock's Largest and Finest" ... read more
xClay Motor Company
300 E. 12th St.
This former Studebaker and Edsel dealership building has more recently been serving as an auto body repair shop ... read more
xVillage Motel
208 E. 12th St.
The stone Village Motel had 7 duplex cottages and a separate owners residence-office building. One of the guest unit duplexes ... read more
x50s Texaco Station
201 E 12th St.
Jenny Logan renovated this old Texaco into a record store in 2017. Joey Martinez drew the murals on the outside ... read more
xWestern Motel
104 E. 12th St.
The Western Motel took it's turn proclaiming itself as Shamrock's newest motel on a postcard that also listed "Gracious Living at Reasonable Rates" ... read more
101 E. 12th St.
Also known as the Tower Station this is an outstanding Route 66 landmark. It is now used as a museum, visitors center ... read more

Side Trip:
Turn south on Main Street to the water tower and then go east one block to Madden Street and go north on Madden to the museum.

xShamrock Water Tower
Railroad Avenue and Main St.
About 11 blocks south of the U-Drop-In Conoco Station you find the 172 foot tall 1915 water tower ... read more
xPioneer West Museum Magnolia Station
204 N. Madden St.
One block north and east of the water tower you can check out this 1934 Magnolia Gas station with it's gravity fed ... read more

Back on 66:
Take Madden north to 66.

xJacob's Station, Gifts & RV Park
214 W 12th
The Jacobs Standard/Chevron station, gift shop, trailer court was called Jacobs Trading Post. The large sign seen hanging ... read more
xMural, Wildcat Cement Bldg.
401 W 12th St.
There are a couple of really neat murals on the front of this building that depict the oil fields ... read more
xP.B. Woolridge Gas Station
404 W 12th St.
This old gas station was built in 1938 and at one time served as a Greyhound Bus Station. It is one of three ... read more
xThe Kelly & Texan Route 66 Motels
412 W. 12th St.
This was two separate motels originally, the Kelly Motel and the Texan Motel. It looks like they are ... read more

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.