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McLean, TX

Since the 1950s historic Route 66 in McLean uses two one-way streets. First St. is the original alignment of the Mother Road and goes west and Railroad St. goes east. In July of 1984 McLean became the last town on historic Route 66 in Texas to be bypassed by the new Interstate Highway I-40.
xFormer Dixie / Texas Motel & Cafe
E. Route 66
This complex spans the block between east and west bound Route 66 on the east side of McLean. It includes two ... read more
xWatt Court
717 First St.
About all that can be made out on this old neon sign is the word "Court" indicating that at one time there was a motor court ... read more
xOld Gulf Station
First St. at McCarty
This old Gulf station stands on the east end of town. The remnants of the sign still more or less spell out GULF ... read more
xRattlesnakes Sign
E. First St.
This Rattlesnakes sign is from the former E. Mike Allred's Rattlesnake Ranch in Lela. It was moved here after being blown down in a ... read more
xRoute 66 Church of Christ
First St. at Kingsley St.
This little 1924 church building sits across the intersection from the Devils Rope Museum ... read more
xDevil's Rope Museum
100 S. Kingsley St.
I'm guessing that most people have no idea how many types of barbed wire there are, but this is the place to find out ... read more
xPanhandle Gas Station
120 E. First St.
This gas station garage building has seen many operators over the years including Panhandle Gas, Texaco, Humble and Exxon, etc. ... read more
xMantooth Texaco
119 E. First St.
Odell Mantooth operated this former Chevron station and garage from 1945 to 1981. There is a Hotrod Haven mural on the side of the station ... read more
113 E. First St.
Check out all the murals along First St. The set on this little building make it look like an old fashioned barber shop ... read more

Side Trip:
About a half block south of First Street on Main Street you'll find the local history museum.

xMcLean-Alanreed Area Museum
116 N Main St, McLean, TX
It currently is the home for the McLean-Alanreed Museum that was established in 1969 ... read more

Back on 66:
You need to go around the block to get back on 66 westbound.

x1930's City Hall
116 W. First St.
If this building looks a bit odd, it's probably because half of it was torn down after a fire. But in the 1930's ... read more
x1950s Gas Station & Garage
215 W. First St.
This one-story concrete and stucco gas station was built in 1950.On the west side there were doors which have been closed ... read more
xPhillips 66 Station
218 W. First St.
This cottage style gas station was built in 1929. It was the first Phillips 66 station in the state of Texas and the first restored ... read more
xTen Commandments Monument
(301) First at Gray St.
This monument to the Ten Commandments was erected in 2006. It is on the NW corner across from the Phillips 66 ... read more
xGuyton Motor Company Garage
302 W. First St.
The Guyton Motor Company provided 24 hour towing and repair services from 1950's to the mid-1990's. ... read more
xCactus Inn Motel
101 Pine St.
On the west end of Mclean you come to the former West Wind Motel where the east and westbound alignments merge ... read more

Eastbound 66 on (Railroad Street)

Turn aound and head east where the westbound (First St.) and eastbound (Railroad St.) lanes come together at the Cactus Motel. There are several vintage gas station buildings along Railroad Street that are not picture here, look carefully.

xCrocket Texaco Station
201 Railroad St.
This 1952 Texaco station sports a sign from about 1970 ... read more
xConsumer Supply Company
119 E. Railroad St.
A one block side trip takes you to this 1955 station, built after Route 66 was split into east and westbound streets in ... read more
xWagon Wheel Cafe
315 E. Railroad St.
The cafe faces the eastbound Route 66 ... read more
xFormer Dixie / Texas Motel & Cafe
E. Route 66
From here you continue east to Shamrock or turn north one block to First Street and continue west through McLean... read more

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.